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  1. Ghostface

    I have solution for this. Disqualifactions.
  2. Ghostface

    Manipulations now? You were the one who made him come to the verge of this, you are guilty. How can you?
  3. Ghostface

    @LÉON I am with you as long as you make me winner, so no worry. I will neutralize these pests.
  4. Ghostface

    @LÉON said: " I have had enough of you, little bastards!"
  5. Ghostface

    @fab A collection of Animals.
  6. Ghostface

    On a date: What's your favourite P jazz musician?
  7. Ghostface

    Yeah, I am already being questioned what's going on.
  8. Ghostface

    Meditate that question aand you will feel better.
  9. Ghostface

    I can't wait to do yoga with my date.
  10. Ghostface

    When did you do that on your date? When did anyone?
  11. Ghostface

    @Gabe. @SeekingThrill I forgive you, but I will spike that absinthe for you.
  12. Ghostface

    Thank U, Next I am so grateful for my ex.
  13. Ghostface

    I should have opted for ammunition instead.
  14. Ghostface

    Next time, @LÉON "Name famous noun."
  15. Ghostface

    And with tube stations also.
  16. Ghostface

    No, he put animals there.
  17. Ghostface

    Share your snacks with people who messed up with your points and be quiet.
  18. Ghostface

    You could cut it with a knife even.
  19. Ghostface

    Claro que si, es un fraude total.
  20. Ghostface

    We are here 3 hours each Sunday, because our host can't compile different contract.
  21. Ghostface

    I forgot to write answers starting on T for the second round and halfway through realized it is P actually, so you can imagine cardiac arrest I nealry experienced, so @LÉON tahnks.