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  1. And I did my in next round.
  2. Tom Ford was death of me.
  3. D round is going to be disaster and a half. Top Answer Game reality.
  4. I should have put Ferrari as well. Better car is better car.
  5. Reading about serial killers before bed. How infamous he is, I thought about him as well.
  6. Robert Fisher top 10 most searched FBI's fugitive and Albert Fish was keeping USA's East Side scared for life, so yes.
  7. Investigation Discovery's shows coming through.
  8. Pee on your scores.
  9. Still full point.
  10. This means that Billie Frank and I got 1 point, right, considering we had two Fs?
  11. Faulkner's The Sound and the Fury coming through.
  12. @Billie Frank decided this one to be...
  13. @fab knows how to rule it seems. Bring on the champagne.
  14. Junkies in the park theme.
  15. That's because it is my brain.
  16. Like music, like kitchen, @LÉON.
  17. Bonnie and Clyde, b!tch. It was all introduction to the criminal question. Everything adding up.
  18. Faye Dunaway the actress.
  19. Can't help myself for being educated.
  20. Starting fine. Thank you, Togo.
  21. @Kristina brining us all down with Britney question.
  22. This D round will be 0.5 round. If lucky, of course.
  23. Host being tricky. What else is new?