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  1. Littleswiftie

    I didn't call Ariana iconic
  2. Littleswiftie


    I would choke if Sweetener gets the Album of The Year It got good reviews by metacritic but there are some albums that had way more success than Sweetener. I have to say that the 3 hits of the album make pretty much good. I have a feeling Everything Is Love could be eligible because there's no Adele in competition and the Grammy's always give her those grammy's
  3. Littleswiftie

    Music Video

    Still I have nothing against Katy or the song but this is just sad for someone like Katy
  4. Littleswiftie

  5. Littleswiftie

    Music Video

    That took a long time
  6. Littleswiftie

    Miley. Ariana may have had 4 hits this year but Miley was one of the top 3 biggest artists of the year. Ariana is in the top 10
  7. Littleswiftie

    Does she really care about her music anymore?
  8. Littleswiftie

    She has won four MTV EMA's so not really over
  9. Littleswiftie


    I love the message but Lana did earlier this year
  10. Littleswiftie


    But is this The Fame or The Fame + The Fame Monster? It makes difference Great achievement anyway
  11. Littleswiftie


    So which other album should it be that had international success and okay critical acclaim?
  12. The tastelessness jumped out immediatelyjj2 But with a gold album like 1989, there have to be least favesari9 Doesn't make Wildest Dreams bad on every way possibleari5

    1. Merryem

      never said wildest dreams is bad ari3 just that, on an album has groundbreaking and flawless as 1989, it's one of the worst ari2 and that's that on that! stream i wish you would!