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  1. I think that happens with a lot of award shows recently, it happened at the Grammy's (Bruno) and VMA'S (Cardi)
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    Yaaas queen Getaway Car will be a hit and it could break Taylors previous held record if it really is as groundbreaking as we expect it to be Her outfit will be #trending like she did at the BBMA'S
  3. Remove Jewels N Drugs and replace it with an EDM version of Brooklyn Nights, release the Do What U Want version with Christina Aguilera as the second single and Applause around end September (DWYW November with good music video), G.U.Y. in February as third single with a short music video, Sexxxxx Dreams with a very artsy music video as the fourth single in May, the fifth single could be either Manicure/Swine/Aura in July and Gypsy will be the last song with an inspiring music video in September Applause won't be overshadowed by Roar so peak #2, 25-30 weeks on the charts Do What U Want peak #6, 25-30 weeks on the charts since the worse version (with R. Kelly) did pretty decent G.U.Y. peak #10, 20-25 weeks Sexxx Dreams peak #15, 15-20 weeks Manicure/Swine/Aura peak #15, 10-15 weeks Gypsy peak #20, 10-15 weeks The era was never intented to have multiple smash hits but if the era was done like this, she would at least have 1 smash hit, 2 big hits, 2 decent hits and 1 small hit (Gypsy) I would also like to add The Fame Monster, Born This Way and Joanne better eras in my point of view (single-wise): The Fame Monster: *Bad Romance end October *Telephone February *Alejandro May *Monster July (peak #8, 20-25 weeks) *Dance In The Dark October (peak #10, 15-20 weeks) Born This Way: *Born This Way February *Judas May End May (peak #8, 15-20 weeks) * The Edge Of Glory July (same peak and amount of weeks) * You & I September (same) * Marry The Night November (peak #25, 15-20 weeks) * Heavy Metal Lover February (peak #40, 10-15 weeks) Joanne: *A-Yo September (peak #15, 10-15 weeks) *Million Reasons November (same) *Dancin' In Circles January (peak #30, 5-10 weeks) *John Wayne March (peak #15, 15-20 weeks with good promotion) *Diamond Heart as last single in May (peak #45, 5-10 weeks) The era would still be kinda disappointing
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    More like she will start writing her first song on her next album that will take 3 months soon
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    Celeb News

    As long as she releases the biggest album of 2019 (After TS7 and Adele4)
  6. We stan an album that was predicted to flop
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    24 hours* lmao, but I wish it could be in one hour
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    Maybe TS7 will be her real comeback era. This era is just for the people with good taste and beefs with other kids and want to express their feelings with the revenge gem
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    My autistic mind can't handle only 5 singles, sis usually releases 6 and 1 for tour. At least she has something to do for the last one because it's her occasional business
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    Thank you so much You should thank the Instagram swifties/anti locals for that I would be extremely happy too Back in May I thought I Did Something Bad was going to be the next single on May 12th, after End Game was released on January 12th and Delicate on March 12th. Then it didn't happen and swifties switched to Getaway Car; nothing happened Afterwards we went to This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things -> Don't Blame Me -> Dancing With Our Hands Tied - > So It Goes... -> King Of My Heart -> Dress/Call It What You Want/New Years Day -> Gorgeous -> and now we're back to Getaway Car (I'm sorry for the emoji spam tho but it makes my comments somewhat more interesting to read) I can't wait anymore neither can the whole swiftie fandom. The next music video will hit at least 30 million views in one hour
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    I can somehow see I Did Something Bad being the last single before tour but now it's Getaway Cars time. ...Ready for another 7 months before the next single?
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    7.5, not her best one
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    She will snatch all the four awards and if she premieres Getaway Car and attends the show, she will be THAT girl again Prepare your wigs and hide your faves
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    Don't Blame Me can have a pretty interesting music video and it will have longevity. The locals will be surprised by it, so will the gp. I Did Something Bad is a hit or miss; it needs a good music video and good promotion strategies. It's like the Bad Blood of Reputation I think It's a dark song so if she doesn't release it somewhere between November - February its chances of being a single are indeed over It could do better than a lot of swifties expect since it's extremely catchy and it is the most non-streamed track on Reputation (for a reason of course)