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  1. ME! is doing fine worldwide, it's not debuting as huge as Look What You Made Me Do because locals and literally everyone listened to it to see what she had to say. Now that her reputation's majorily rebuilded, some of those people don't care for her music anymore since most popular music these days is dark, controversial and hiphop, especially in the US. ME! is any of those and it'll serve international success and longevity due to decent Spotify and YouTube streams and big radio airplaybey6 In fact, it will be her second most global hit (Shake It Off is her most global onemad1) If it wasn't for Lil Nas, ME! would've gone #1 if it won't next week

    1. Madonna

      The most delusional Taylor stan of the forum has spoken, y'all! lol3 

  2. I'm back, just to say that I'm so happy by how well female artists are doing this yearmad1 Ariana broke tons of records, Gaga won several big awards, Billie is killing it right now, Medellin is growing on me and the music video and live performance are a SERVE and the one and only Taylor Swift is getting another hit despite the mixed reviews of ME! Both her music video and live performance are the best ones of 2019 in my opinion. Now go stream ME! so it can be on #1 for a couple more weekswendy1

  3. Littleswiftie

    Celeb News

    ...And it slays
  4. Littleswiftie


    Don't doubt too much honey, this song has an incredible amount of replay value and the music video will gather A LOT of views since it's literally the best music video of this year
  5. I'm so happy by Dave direction the music video this time
  6. I would love the album title Eternal
  7. Littleswiftie

    Not commercially This song ages so much better for everyone that anything she's released since Mine
  8. Littleswiftie

    So what, it actually gives her success unlike xtina these days
  9. Littleswiftie

    ...So it could underperform for her standards again
  10. Littleswiftie

    I am extremely excited for her being back into the spotlights while maintaining a great reputation Call it what you want but it will definitely outeverything anything Nicki has released, even though I love some of her songs
  11. Littleswiftie


    Still not bad I guess?
  12. ME! slays!!!!!!!cry2cry2cry2

    1. Taylor

      I love it tbh!! jj2 

    2. Littleswiftie

      I'm here for the critical acclaimbey3 Of course not everyone will like the song but it will smash and have longevity. It's already stuck in my head after one listen and I will listen to it again in a few minutes. I might be somewhat less active on this site for the following weeks since I don't want to participate in too much unnessecary drama anymore. However, I'll definitely take some looks in the Taylor Section here and theremad1