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  1. Ghostface is a Supernatural entity.
  2. So Blessed to live far away from Ghostface.
  3. It's nearly cold enough to freeze water.
  4. I think they mostly thrive in deserts, not Antarctic temperatures @Ghostface loves watching rape movies about humans.
  5. Last video I watched is about scorpions and how they glow in the dark with UV light shone on them. I also watched slaughterhouse videos and they make me want to become a vegan
  6. Pretty often, I must say. Beautiful, Fighter, Genie In A bottle.. sadly none of the ones from bionic onwards
  7. I'm surprised to see Music Box is her #1 selling album considering a certain Lamb @Billie Frank hates it with a passion. I love that album.
  8. Sis no begging required, I'm not a sadist like @Ghostface
  9. Ok sis I'll be expecting your presence
  10. Why would you want to spend your summer vacation rotting on here? Go get some French countryside air sis
  11. In other words, never? Every week, is study week for you
  12. I think of it this way, I don't want to give 100 notifications to someone after they came back. Also, you can rejoin at any time, babe, This is just a @Ghostface-like excuse to get out of my games.
  13. Yes, her voice is weird, but she serves bops! Let's hope she can evade jail in addition to tax.
  14. Since you love our Earth's insects so much, I recommend watching the Human Centipede it might give you some ideas on how to torture our species. I contribute to forum games too, which you quit participating in Calculators love to calculate.
  15. Are you sure you weren't in your dungeons doing inhumane experiments?
  16. What's your excuse for being absent these past few days?
  17. I don't have a Vision of Love, I have a vision of Ghostface in a dungeon for the past few days.
  18. Open Your Heart, not other people's, Ghostface.
  19. You should listen to more Kylie. Madonna rips off a lot of sounds from Kylie.