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  1. I'm obsessed with Nick lachey's handsome face
  2. The sis also withdrawn from The All-around individual final (the most prestigious gold medal), I'm proud of her for knowing when to quit. https://www.news.com.au/sport/olympics/tokyo-live-updates-australia-swimming-results-day-5/live-coverage/9f4b7c5498b20ad8bc8d7b21ed166839
  3. And every 5 minutes, 3 more ads I wouldn't use ad blockers if they just throw all the ads at the beginning, but if you're watching a 20minutes+ long content, getting ads every 5 minutes is annoying af.
  4. Huge fan of her. She honestly should just downgrade her routines so she'll feel less pressure. Anyway, congrats to team russia, nobody expected them to win gold or qualify in 1st place.
  5. At this point, I'm not sure you're a kid, since you know Billie Piper Like most kids don't know her
  6. Can't see Ray of Light once in Ghostface's grasp.
  7. Did anyone say Shawn Mendes? He seems to be a total Moo fanboy and relatively new and fresh. Not another xmas song, is she trying to override her legacy with xmas carols?
  8. Yeah I meant the aesthetics. Musically, E=mc2 is alreayd the 2.0 Her lambs are weird, recommending random artists for her to collab with, like Celine dion and bruno mars... Don't seem compatible tbh!
  9. Glad she spoke on this asap. Hope she'll delete the remix from all platforms next!
  10. I don't want to sound like Mario 2.0, but I'd love an Emanciation 2.0, with really good music videos that are connected to one another like chapters in a story book. It would definitely help her less associated with Xmas carols.
  11. I actually agree with this, it's why i love the album positions, because I love Butterfly as well. But the Aradiators will come after me soon. It's not like they lied, sis... if you're not a fan of McRiah, you would only know her as the lady who sings that one Christmas carol every year... Kids these days don't dig into older discographies or live performances, part of what makes stanning fun.