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  1. They need to put a name to these, because I really don't know who some of them are:
  2. She didn't have any before 2014 either.
  3. I have to go to sleep now sis. Should have spammed 4 hours earlier It's 2:30 AM here. Stop is better <3
  4. All 4 served energy from 2000's. Geri was the only odd one out, but I don't know her pencil latex skirt prevented her from moving.
  5. You serving Chris Morchock taste right now sis
  6. Honestly, just post Vocal Queen reaction videos, and I'll spam the kitty section Little mess doesn't have any bops and the group seems to be falling apart like Georgina's pigmentation. Nobody posts threads about her though, Vocal Kween obviously the most relevant.
  7. She is so funny and cute though, as long as she's not singing or parroting hard notes/runs in her reaction videos... We both agree that Jerry is the worst of the group though lol
  8. Why do you stan these UK relics? that doesn't only include Spice racks, but also Flop that, grill eel lards, etc... Are there no new good UK groups?
  9. You should never count his votes, he give opposite ratings anyway, good songs = 0 and the shit ones = 10.
  10. Sis we just inreacted in the Hornet Local Roach the other day... We don't interact as publicly anymore because there are some people who complain about the off-topic spams Or maybe @Billie Frank is busy taking videos of buses.
  11. Sis CM is a rating troll. I'm just rating it due to how I truly feel about the song. Candyman didn't age that well, I prefer Naughty nasty boy and Welcome.
  12. Queen of Bops, and people are not ready to accept it . The video is so stunning and she serves visuals. @Mario, stream it sis
  13. I really don't know to be honest. I didn't know she stanned Cher.
  14. She is spreading awareness to help keep the bee population stabilised. Bees are important pollinators, they have been decreasing in the past decades and this could create worldwide problems such as food shortages.