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  1. No, but do you? I literally said I don't care if Madonna invented a cure for cancer. Yet you're bringing up receipts of her activism, good for her? Someone doing so much for humanity doesn't make me want to listen to their music or praise them or put them on a pedestal. These are two entirely different things. Who in this thread isn't biased? This is a discussion, it isn't an encyclopedia brainstorm group. What is it with you and others saying this line? If you're done, simply don't quote. I'm not going to wrangle your neck or force you to contin
  2. She has everything to do with this discussion, because her fanbase is totally acting like Madonna's fanbase, acting like older artists cannot be surpassed or whatever, or that we can't say someone new is better than them, because according to you, "sales are no longer the same", gramma's are sexist and racist and prefers white blond women, acting like madonna is not white and blonde. Yet you and others use something so intangible (like your fave says) like "cultural influence" or whatever to back up the claims that Madgina cannot be surpassed. I mean, I'm not saying it's wrong to
  3. This argument would make sense if majority of artists were selling at Taylor's number, but they are not, they are selling at 100K or under in the first week. Madonna in her prehistoric times were selling the same amount of numbers as the majority of artists back then in their first week. At the moment only Adele is even selling at Taylor's number or more in the first week. It's not irrelevant, just look at your posts regarding madonna/mariah threads in BG, where was your defense of madonna when she's up against your fave? Like the hypocrisies. You're using these log
  4. Just because you don't agree with something doesn't make it dumb or stupid. What kind of Stan Twitter mentality... Even if you take away the streamimg sales, the numbers still come out significantly higher and its harder to sell albums nowadays than in the prehistoric times. You're only invalidating the Grammy's because mcnugget lost 9 nominations or something in one night. Like the clams love to rag on about her 19 flops but it literally doesn't matter since half were forgotten.
  5. I'm not saying it's harder, wtf I'm saying, when someone is 20-30, their peers are not gonna acknowledge that they are influenced by them, wtf. When Madonna was 20-30, did Janet, whitney, or mariah say they were SUPER influenced by madonna? No. It's always younger people that say a much significantly older artist influenced them. In 20 years time, more artists will say Taylor influenced them. They are not going to say that now. Her peers, like demi, dua, gaga etc wont admit to that. The funny thing is, Gaga who copied Madonna's career move for move,
  6. Not you acting like Jake Gyllenhaal in the Taylor Swift's ATW video right now Not you mentioning evermore, an album that was released 6 months after folklore and in Christmas season folklore was a WW smash. And saying Taylor is local is weird af considering she sold 1M copies in the first week in China for Lover and 800K for folklore. Evermore sold 1M copies WW... so let's not act like it did not make impact outside of the US.
  7. I've had enough of Madonna for one day so I won't be googling her, lest I see her mutated ass bare again. I mentioned Australia and other countries for a specific reason; those are countries where it is incredibly hard to even sell a theatre sized concert to, something that Moo and Carly Rae Jepsen fail to even do If madonna sold a 30,000 stadium here, then good for her.
  8. I don't run around calling, "MADONNA IS TALENTLESS", everywhere, so your comparison makes zero sense. I've backed my point of views with stats, grammys more than fossil, 1st week sales more than fossils, influence others? yes... I'm not like who repeats the same schtick over and over without any stats to back up his POV. Yall the one acting like by being incredibly subjective and saying nobody can surpass x, y or z just because they've been here since dinosaurs roamed the Earth. It's so cringe, it's always the Madonna or Mariah stans who keep sayi
  9. Honey, don't call me illogical when you literally write one sentence related to the discussion while the rest of the paragraphs/essays is totally irrelevant, redundant and unrelated to anything, see the personal attacks and random Georgina memes mentions. It's like you purposely write walls of texts hoping that they'll make your point more valid.
  10. Well at least I can be true to myself and say Taylor is better than Mozart since I listen to her more than his music. You keep being fake and saying things for the sake of arguing and winning internet discussions.
  11. I literally wouldn't. Just like I don't care when Taylor promotes Starbucks or feminism schticks (The Man video). Her music is more relatable to me than Madonna's, that's all I'm judging on, some people don't seem to get it and want to bring a million other things that's not related to music into it. Like are you going to sit here and say Mozart is so much better than Mariah just because he came first? and influenced every musician on Earth? No, because you don't relate to his music.
  12. Why did you write this essay? Where did I say she didn't do any of that? She could fucking cure cancer, and I still wouldn't care.