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  1. Kai


    Young and Beautiful
  2. Kai


    She only has herself to blame for killing cats and that atrocious purple troll doll hair.
  3. I don't think it's "micro" at this point... it's pretty much common knowledge... unless the person's not gay or lives under a rock I get that for romantic/sexual preferences, but sometimes I feel that some gays only want attractive white gays to be their friends too. It's why I never have any gay friends in real life... only str8 ones so far or at least str8 or closeted... but I'm pretty sure they were all str8 and I never felt comfortable coming out to any of them...
  4. I don't want to be burned alive This could be true. Or a self-hating homosexual... those politicians who are very religious and very anti-gay but secretly go to gay saunas.
  5. I wonder if I should be more closeted now But I'm never able to hide my fem voice and walks.
  6. Kai


    Taylor and Xtine. But I don't think Xtine will ever collaborate with Taylor unless Taylor begged for it at her doorstep... Xtine would never be the first to call up because she looks down on non-vocalists, I think.
  7. This still happens in countries where homosexuality is legal... I can't remember which European country specifically, but a lesbian couple got beat up on the bus or something last year. A lot of gays remain discreet too because of the stigma related to it. Also some gays won't hold hands in public no matter what.
  8. Oh yes, I definitely read about people getting lashes for getting caught having gay sex... I wasn't sure it was Indonesia... That is really scary, tbh.
  9. Is Indonesia like Malaysia where it is more predominantly Islamic? People think the same for Thailand because of all the gay TV shows and transgirls, but honestly I think in society, it's still taboo to be gay.
  10. Here I thought Dubai was a more "accepting" country out of the Middle Eastern countries. I don't know if you know her, but Gigi Gorgeous also got held at the airport because they knew she was transgender.
  11. That's true. There was a news video I saw some time last year where a UK guy went to one of the middle eastern countries and got jailed because he accidentally touched a man and they thought he was gay. It's why I would never go to the middle east...
  12. That is so sad. It saddens me that LGBTQ+ people are still being targetted for just being who they are. I still hear stories of gay guys/couples getting bashed in Sydney.
  13. Kai


    6.5 I don't know why they can't use the screenshot from the video, she looks better there. This cover makes her eyes look squinty like she just got out of bed or something.