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  1. Sis looks good here, like she never aged, getting that good botox. I miss when her videos have a story to them.
  2. Not them using ITTY outtakes 7
  3. Hilary - Aaron - Lindsay Lohan were the original messy cheating boyfriend stealing love triangle
  4. Sis how do you think Ms Michelangelo sculpted the statue? not off his imaginations... it was obviously from a real life male during his time with that sort of body
  5. Kai

    Despite never being able to keep a man for more than 1 date... I still believe in love
  6. Kai

    Confession of a heartbroken gay
  7. Kai

    Whose forehead is bigger? Tyra or Rihanna?
  8. Kai


    Another word to add to my shade vocabulary
  9. Kai


    It really depends on your personal interpretation; both songs could be symbolic of the persona empowering their significant other... (I took 6 literature classes in Uni, so I know how to bullshit my way through arguments )
  10. Kai


    Flip Side
  11. Kai


  12. 7.5 Great at release, but it's dated now.