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  1. Madonna isn't a woman; she's an alien from outer space with a mutated butt that has a mind of its own.
  2. I never said she looks natural, obviously looks bloated as hell, at least I can admit to it. madonna fans, on the other hand, can't admit that their fave's face and butt look permanently bloated for the past 2 years
  3. Looks photoshopped, cuz everytime she looks like the alien emoji (👽) we know it's not her real face. You're gonna pretend like this didn't happen
  4. She looks gorgeous unlike another has been who's having allergenic reactions everywhere and not just the lips
  5. That's because her appearance is weird and she looks unhuman nowadays, 50c didn't lie.
  6. Queen of lip fillers: @Mario Spears, thoughts?
  7. It baffles me that they're still being hated... when we all know what G Bush did was wrong.
  8. Would not surprise me if she did that tweet just for some side coins and has not research into who he is, that guy she's promoting has apparently spent $35M on this mayor campaign, she did promote JustEat after all. Sis is in serious need of money.
  9. There's another mass shooting in Philadelphia... 3 dead and 12 injured, some random maniac shot into a crowd of people.
  10. I thought it was her husband at first, they look so alike...
  11. It's great Keep up that flexibility sis... the older you get the less flexible you will be, so do flexibility exercises to maintain it.
  12. I love his eyes... According to some tabloids, it's because Shakira caught him in bed with another woman.