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  1. STJ

    I prefer the Debut album, it aged like wine, but I'm sure nobody agrees with me simply because she didn't write any of the songs
  2. Serving this, but more hands-on:
  3. STJ

    FIRST SINGLE: Just Dance / The Way SINGLE RELEASED IN SPRING 2014: G.U.Y. / Problem SECOND NO. 1 ON BILLBOARD: Poker Face / 7 Rings PEAKED AT NO. 4 IN 2016: Million Reasons / Side To Side PEAKED AT NO. 2 ON BILLBOARD: Bad Romance / Break Up With Your GFIB NO. 1 SONG IN 2018: Shallow / Thank U, Next ZEDD PRODUCTION: Donatella / Break Free SECOND SINGLE FROM THIRD ALBUM: Judas / Into You LEAD SINGLE FROM FOURTH ALBUM: Applause / No Tears Left To Cry PEAKED AT NO. 4 IN THE UK: Paparazzi / God Is A Woman 2016 LEAD SINGLE: Perfect Illusion / Dangerous Woman GAGA: 6 ARIANA: 5
  4. No. Janet's shade reminds me of when Jessica Simpson shaded britney and xtina by saying she wanted to stand out from those two by not taking off her clothes like them, but then years later we got that bikini/carwash video.
  5. STJ

    FIRST NO. 1 ON BILLBOARD: Like A Virgin / When I Think Of You 1990 NO. 1 ON BILLBOARD: Vogue / Escapade TOP HIT IN 1986: Papa Don’t Preach / What Have You Done For Me HIGHEST CHARTING SINGLE IN THE LATE 90s: Frozen / Together Again Y2K SMASH HIT: Music / Doesn’t Really Matter 2008 LEAD SINGLE: 4 Minutes / Feedback EARLY-MID 90s R&B BALLAD: Take A Bow / That’s The Way Love Goes FIRST HIT TO PEAK NO. 3 ON BILLBOARD: True Blue / Nasty 2015 CHART FLOP: Bitch I’m Madonna / No Sleeep NO. 2 PEAK ON BILLBOARD IN 1989: Express Yourself / Rhythm Nation 1989 NO. 1 LEAD SINGLE ON BILLBOARD: Like A Prayer / Miss You Much MADONNA: 7 JANET: 4
  6. STJ

    The way her stains keep bringing Pepsi Max up every year, and the way I kept giving +1 stream to her MV's each time to see if I could get into her, only to realize she's the epitome of basic.
  7. STJ

    This was so good.
  8. STJ

    FIRST NO. 1 ON BILLBOARD: Vision Of Love / Saving All My Love THIRD SONG TO GO NO. 1: Emotions / Greatest Love Of All EARLY 90s POWER BALLAD: Hero / I Will Always Love You PEAKED AT NO. 4 ON BILLBOARD: I Still Believe / I’m Every Woman SONG WITH "HEARTBREAK" IN TITLE: Heartbreaker / Heartbreak Hotel 2002 LEAD SINGLE FLOP: Through The Rain / Whatchulookinat LATE 90s SMASH HIT: Honey / It’s Not Right But It’s Okay PEAKED AT NO. 3 IN UK: Always Be My Baby / I Have Nothing SEVENTH NO. 1 ON BILLBOARD: Dreamlover / Where Do Broken Hearts Go COVER SONG: I’ll Be There / Higher Love 1998 BALLAD: My All / I Believe In You And Me MARIAH: 3 WHITNEY: 8 Moo's whisper vocals have no chance
  9. New video: Love this disco-influenced track.
  10. STJ

    She opened for Taylor at my Reputation tour date... she sounded good live (if it was not lipped, I can't tell who's lipping and who's not these days). However, I can't get into her songs.
  11. I hate my curly and hard as wire hair So I wouldn't mind it at all. (as long as it's gone at the same time, and not one spot at a time cuz that's worse than being completely bald).
  12. I love this iconic and ahead of its time gif.
  13. True, I'm like a cat when it comes to water If i didn't get itchy in certain places, I wouldn't shower at all