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  1. the worst part is Little Dreamer is not even on any disc... it was an iTunes bonus it's not in spotify which is so annoying as i dont keep any music files on my phone
  2. maybe she only wants fighters to go to her concerts, and not the GP/other fanbases however at my concert date, i saw one shady guy wearing a britney POM shirt lol... i read other music forums and most ppl dont even know liberation is her new album
  3. STJ


    sis... lets not get ahead of ourselves i do think we'll get a world tour though which im excited about i wana see her again, her voice is amazing. i think she's done with the idea of promoting lol
  4. STJ


    i'm really excited for this "special" album... that's a really surprising word to use to describe her future release lol... usually she'd use, "timeless" or something like "it's gonna be great". so the fact she used a different word just excites me (but mess at the "postponed" dates being postponed to next year, i feel bad for those fans who bought the tickets to those dates)
  5. STJ

    Celeb News

    even if she weren't famous, its kinda rude to deny someone's request to sing like that... in a bar...
  6. she always post pics of him when she makes a statement related to the army or something related to her ecuadorian roots. i don't think she hates him, but she said during post-bionic era, she doesn't feel the need to have him in his life.
  7. isn't 2020 a little too optimistic by xtina's standards? sis did say she won't take another 6 years for X7, but that doesn't mean she can't take 5.9 years... also which fighter is trolling xtina's liberation tour wiki page? lol... (or having false hopes?) or did her team say something about a Leg 2 in Europe/Oceania?
  8. the confidence that avatar 2 will be successful but i guess when you have a billion dollar to spare... it's a non-issue
  9. Bionic Tour postponed to a later date but never did teas.
  10. I like all of the songs in reputation, so I wouldn't be surprised if it wins AOTY. If blank space couldn't win roty and soty, i dont think Delicate can... Blank space is the more iconic/better song.
  11. She sang 22 in Sydney I was there, really amazing production!!!!! The lighted wristbands are everything
  12. should have been on the album
  13. i still have hope, maybe it's not halloween themed, but thankstgiving themed? xmas themed? bday theme? new years theme? valentines theme? who am i kidding? it's prob locked up with kimono girls