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  1. Mod Notice Do not troll outside of Battlegrounds.
  2. STJ

    didn't know Bjork had a daughter
  3. They def came from the same factory
  4. STJ


    omg sis ure right I can't find it on itunes anymore. when i bought it, it was in the album "Bionic (Deluxe Edition)", now i can't even find that album anymore, it's just called "Bionic" get someone to send it to you tbh
  5. STJ

    Rihanna: the more beautiful, darker skinned, non-sagging boob chanteuse.
  6. It works for me when I use Internet Explorer
  7. nobody from that list. Xtina is the one and true Queen and creator of gays, gay rights, gay marriage and gay equality. No other pop girls come close.
  8. I don't really like Complicated, "I'm with you" is the superior song
  9. in which universe, sis?
  10. Thread title is incorrect
  11. PrimeTina: PrimeNey: Alice in Wonderland:
  12. Well get started sis (just dont listen to her live)
  13. STJ


    Stan the best song on Bionic
  14. i thought it was a fan account 240p