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  1. All Mariah Carey's songs except we belong together. I can relate to Madonna's sentiment when she said "Id rather get tortured than listen to Mariah in a room" or something like that....
  2. STJ

    All of them have used Botox... Britney stopped and she looked like what late a 30s woman with 2 kids would look like. Gaga and Taylor haven't reached the age where aging would affect them yet. I always laugh when fans say xtina or Beyonce doesn't age because of their poc genes... When they're clearly using Botox for son long they can't move their forehead... I may be a fan but not blind.
  3. Not really. When people are desperate, they'll risk anything. Australia has that problem even though it's entirely surrounded by seas...
  4. I'm sad there's no special releases no nothing
  5. Kids, gays, and women Pretty much all pop girls' target audience whether they like it or not
  6. To keep "illegal" immigrants out, mainly Mexicans. I think it's a stupid idea, not only because it's racist and primitive (a la great wall of china), but USA is surrounded by seas too... when people are desperate they will go by the sea route... and there's no way they can patrol the sea borders 24/7 unless they want to build a wall around the whole of USA
  7. Kylie, her album Body Language slays me even to this day, I don't think she was able to recreate another one like it.
  8. I'm not shook, even though she's my fav it doesn't mean I have to agree with her on everything I dont agree with her lip job, her sexual first single choices, or her using "don't let a man ____" phrases whenever she wants to express her feminism sentiments... as if only a man can oppress women and women can't oppress other women.
  9. STJ


    sailor moon theme song in 1992, i was 4 years old and was obsessed with sailor moon
  10. STJ

    rihanna singing hero teas... but worse because here the autotune warbled jlo's voice
  11. STJ

    Celeb News

    I streamed it the other days but I skip to Xtina's parts
  12. You have to be a stan
  13. You can support stuff without using it to lift your career, example Taylor Swift, nobody knows she donates to or support causes because she doesn't need to express it explicitly to get album sales.