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  1. The upper lip injection made her look soooo much like Ke$ha, I'm actually surprised that nobody compares her to Ke$ha like they did with Gaga during Bionic. And no, it's not just the lip injection, she has other cosmetic procedures done as well, because her face looks really plastic at times. Botox, fillers, facials etc. She really needs to stop before it's too late (donatella versace, that cat lady).
  2. STJ


    Everything felt uninspired, when I listen to it, I feel like she went in the studio, did one take and gtfo, everything from vocals to sound engineering are a mess (Lotus Intro being the only exception). Bionic and Liberation are flops, but at least they sound like she felt inspired when recording the songs.
  3. STJ


    I wish Lotus never existed
  4. Been ready for 10+ years sis She should ask herself that...
  5. Can she look like this on stage? It would make me become an ex-homosexual
  6. OMGGGggg that UIWY 5 seconds snippet slain me... so much better than the CD... Fuck sick of sittin'... I don't mind Maria but it's not my fav. I want Deserve! Don't care about others. Other than that, I want tracks from Bionic + Lotus, not the other stuffs.
  7. I thought the show I'm going to (the first one) was doing the worst... but it's actually doing pretty well. I feel better now I guess she won't cancel that, if she's gonna cancel, she better cancel the ones with 1000+ tickets left Having said that, I'm not that excited about the tour ... if those fashion shows and other performances are any indication of the quality of her shows, I'm expecting a billionaire tour kind of quality, that is, very very low and boring... and I doubt she can improve the quality that much in 2 weeks time. I'm expecting to be really disappointed.
  8. STJ


    Ironically, my fav performances of hers are ones where she's covering someone else's song... When she sings her own songs, she always ad libs and make it so extraaa and doesn't follow the melody of her own songs. 1. New York New York with Seth Macfarlane 2. Stormy Weather 3. Ain't no way (2011 grammys) 4. Say something (2013 AMA) 5. The whitney tribute (2017 AMA) 6. Somos Novios Sometimes I really like her arrangements of songs she performs, like Stormy Weather, the arrangement is SO PERFECT for her voice and better than the original version. But other times, I hate her arrangement of songs, e.g. At Last, I always hated it, and she always sing the SAME arrangement... for the last 20 years *facepalm*... it's just way too extra. Then she will have like 1 million different arrangements of "Beautiful" when I only want to hear the original...
  9. STJ


    Jennifer-Lawrence-Tina pre-show backstage makeup room:
  10. STJ


    this line made me choke on my water
  11. I don't mind watching her with just a mic and a band behind her, she doesn't need all those gimmicks anyway. I'm expecting this to be a lot like the billionaire's tour, not going to expect "super creative" or anything new... she's been known to lie a lot and hype up things to be good when they're not really.
  12. 1. I Am/I Am stripped 2. Little Dreamer 3. Anywhere But Here 4. Stormy Weather (live) 5. Say Something (Live at AMA's 2013) She's one of the few artists whose live version sounded way better than the studio. This performance made me tear up as I was going through something similar to the song's meaning. 6. Hurt 7. Understand 8. Trouble 9. Deserve 10. Unless It's With You
  13. STJ


    If this is really an intimate tour for ha "real" fans, then she should be doing tracks off Bionic, Lotus and Liberation. I don't care what songs, just do them please, no more billionaire setlist, the "real" fans have seen enough performances of Beautiful, fighter, lady marmalade, Say Something etc.
  14. I thought she's the one who said #1 sex position it feels so good lmao. Fitting issue.