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    didn't know Bjork had a daughter
  2. They def came from the same factory
  3. STJ

    Rihanna: the more beautiful, darker skinned, non-sagging boob chanteuse.
  4. It works for me when I use Internet Explorer
  5. nobody from that list. Xtina is the one and true Queen and creator of gays, gay rights, gay marriage and gay equality. No other pop girls come close.
  6. I don't really like Complicated, "I'm with you" is the superior song
  7. in which universe, sis?
  8. Thread title is incorrect
  9. PrimeTina: PrimeNey: Alice in Wonderland:
  10. Well get started sis (just dont listen to her live)
  11. Please tell me I'm dreaming (or having a nightmare)
  12. Is it still coming? That's seriously some long ej-
  13. Tim McGraw. Many fans dislike/hate it, but I love it It's so romantique
  14. STJ


    Shallow. A good song is a good song Helps with my depression
  15. STJ


    That's news to me, I thought Paris sang the background herself
  16. I certainly do Alien is easily one of the more redeemable tracks on Mya Jean
  17. Not yall turning this into an Agugaga thread just because I said Moorrhea is a has-been They both have the same level of cultural influence, Lady Marmalade slays everything Britney has done Nobody ever says a britney album inspired me, but many artists/musicians say "Stripped is that bitch". You mean only the media mentioned Britney, but the general population knew that Xtina was also kissed by Madonna. Xtina is also a perfume mogul, + billionaires pay up to 15million USD to see her perform 3 or 5 songs in private concerts, dubbed as the "Billionaire tours" between 2011-2018. Has britney ever been invited? Anyone who knows Toxic certainly knows COOB, they just pretend to not know to make it seem like Britney was more relevant In conclusion, Brit + Moo are nostalgia acts, they don't perform like they used to, Madonna + Xtina = in their prime (performance-wise).
  18. Girl, you want to talk about fat... Xtina has never been as fat as Moorhea at her fattest (see disgusting pics of Moo in granny underwear while pregnant). Nor does Xtina need a gastric bypass to become skinny again https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/6141160/mariah-carey-secret-gastric-sleeve-surgery-weight-loss/ https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-5071487/Mariah-Carey-happy-secret-gastric-sleeve-surgery.html The myth that Xtina is in Brit's shadow constantly propelled by Britards... she was never in her shadow, during both of their primes, Xtina had more #1 more grammy's etc.
  19. By the time the '10's came around, Moorrhea is already a has-been, her last hit eras being Emancipation and E=moorheax2 which were in the 00's. All her albums after E=mcyphilis sound exactly the same, and her voice is beyond deteriotated, so of course ppl aren't going to buy her shit. It would have been better if she released music similar to that of her prime, but maybe her voice can't deliver those types of songs anymore and she found it easier to do RnB/pop where she basically talks/raps/whispers. I think Madonna Kebab was still relevant in the '10s until she made the atrocious britney-inspired song, "Bitch im medoner" which was a total cringefest. So in conclusion, Moo lost because she made the same music over and over, and also because her signature voice is no longer with us R.I.P moo's peak vocals. I also think Medoner has more fans than Moo.
  20. Original Taylor swift, Queen of country/pop hybrid, blues and vocal prodigy, QueenAnn Rimes' "How Do I Live", timeless classic, ahead of her time. She was already making it big before Barney and Xterminated were even given record deals. Bitch was performing and nominated at Grammys at the age of 14. Unfortunately, due to her housewrecking ways, she's as irrelevant as Mandy Moobs.
  21. Love how you conveniently left out number of grammies
  22. STJ

    Its smaller than gagz's but not exactly small
  23. She won, big ass diamond and a big 🐓.