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  1. The milky way is not where Ghostface is renegading. @Ghostface's species can Levitate.
  2. I see Jessie J accepting any sort of gigs She went to China to do a singing contest after all, I think she won $US1 million or something
  3. Can't even believe Xtina's own words, how can anyone believe another person?
  4. Everyone seems to be "coming" this year, but who will actually come?
  5. I'm a casual fan, not fan enough to learn all of her messlismas etc
  6. I feel like that's your secret karaoke channel...
  7. These shitty covers make me appreciate Lawnmooriah's vocals.
  8. Ghostface Tried to welcome me into his dungeon, but I declined.
  9. No, just look at Queen Rina Sawayama, 30, but still looks like she's in her 20's, mean while Gaga looks like she's in her 40's.
  10. It sold 30K sis. the 20K came from the katy kitties cheat streaming.