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  1. Yes, I'd like to work at SETI, and you will be my sample so I can win the Nobel Prize for discovering an extraterrestrial
  2. Just like i had premonitions of you holding a knife inside my mouth...
  3. @Ghostface, end all of your songs vs songs games... Just announce We Belong Together a winner, and host a Scattergories game.
  4. That's why I said Scattergories and not Xmas Scattergories Did I? I have dementia suddenly He can pause his 10 games that's likely to never end before FOTP does
  5. @Ghostface @Shego When are we getting another round of Scattergories?
  6. This is more my type of music. The stuff you posted on your status updates is bad Do you also only listen to musicians with 52k or fewer subscribers?
  7. This is why I don't reply if someone looks too young to be over 18. I don't want to get into trouble or it be an undercover cop or something. Hope Dua Charles learnt ha lesson.
  8. I thought you were into weird and calm music sounding stuff. I was wrong. Guess, door banging is more your type.
  9. Vision of @Billie Frank
  10. Ghostface Together
  11. @Billie Frank is Young & Beautiful