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  1. ed500

    Kill P!nk Fuck Madonna Marry Rihanna RuPaul, Jessie J, Kylie
  2. ed500


    Bitch I'm Loca Medellín I Don't Search I Find Future Crave I Rise God Control Looking for Mercy Crazy Come Alive Extreme Occident Faz Gostoso Batuka Killers Who Are Partying Dark Ballet
  3. ed500


    Living For Love / Medellín Devil Pray / Dark Ballet Ghosttown / God Control Unapologetic Bitch / Future Illuminati / Batuka Bitch I'm Madonna / Killers Who Are Partying Hold Tight / Crave Joan Of Arc / Crazy Iconic / Come Alive HeartBreakCity / Extreme Occident Body Shop / Faz Gostoso Holy Water / Bitch I'm Loca Inside Out / I Don't Search I Find Wash All Over Me / Looking For Mercy Best Night / I Rise Veni Vidi Vici / Funana S.E.X. / Back That Up To The Bet Messiah / Ciao Bella Rebel Heart / Soltera RH: 12 MX: 7 TIE: 0
  4. ed500


    Not feeling it yet Will give it a few more listens
  5. ed500

    is this Worldwide or just the US
  6. ed500


    Take a Bow Sanctuary Bedtime Story Forbidden Love Love Tried To Welcome Me Secret Inside Of Me Human Nature Id Rather Be Your Lover Survival Dont Stop
  7. ed500


    Magnum Opus Ray of Light Excellent Confessions on a Dance Floor Bedtime Stories Like a Prayer Madonna Good True Blue Erotica American Life Music Rebel Heart Like a Virgin Bad Hard Candy MDNA
  8. ed500


    Please Madonna wear your seat belt We lost a princess to not wearing one, we don't want to lose a queen.
  9. ed500


    They plucking charts out there arse now. Do we really need three Latin charts of basically the same thing.
  10. ed500


    Rain Deeper and Deeper Erotica Bad Girl Where Life Begins Waiting Words Fever Thief of Hearts Bye Bye Baby Why's It So Hard In This Life Secret Garden Did You Do It?
  11. ed500

    I love dancing and have always wanted a real megastar to go on the show If DWTS done a special with our faves, how would it turn out? The Contestants Madonna Janet Jackson Mariah Carey Kylie Minogue Beyoncé Britney Spears Christina Aguilera Rihanna Katy Perry Lady Gaga Taylor Swift Ariana Grande Adele Jennifer Lopez So who would be? The Winner Runner Up First Out Best Dancer Worst Dancer Shock Elimination Withdrew Better than Expected Worse than Expected Most Desperate to Win Only Doing it for the Money i think Winner - Ariana Grande Runner Up - Rihanna First Out - Mariah Carey Best Dancer - Janet Jackson Worst Dancer - Mariah Carey Shock Elimination - Madonna Withdrew - Adele (pregnancy) Better than Expected - Rihanna Worse than Expected - Lady Gaga Most Desperate to Win - Beyoncé Only Doing it for the Money - Mariah Carey
  12. ed500


    Frozen Skin The Power Of Good-Bye Drowned World/Substitute For Love Ray Of Light Nothing Really Matters Sky Fits Heaven Swim To Have And Not To Hold Mer Girl Little Star Shanti/Ashtangi Candy Perfume Girl