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  1. Gwen would have great potential with some training, her range is quite impressive but she doesn't usually showcase it in here solo work. No Doubt definitely showcased her vocal abilities far more, even if her vibrato was very bizarre back then
  2. Gwen isn't exactly a great vocalist, but she has the experience in the industry and is able to adapt to different styles well etc.
  3. It's so weird to me that i'm now older than my parents were when i was born. Like there's no way i could live having to put up with a child right now. dead2

    1. Sabrin


      or ever...

  4. You're the one that's currently going through your Nadir Era.
  5. I think it was me, sorry @Snow, but i'm probably right which makes it even funnier.
  6. I think you'll find that's Call The Shots by Girls Aloud.