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  1. The Sweet Escape Tragic Kingdom Truth Rock Steady Push And Shove
  2. Just noticed I replied to the wrong day... FLOP.
  3. Tesco were using Oops I Did It Again in their Christmas adverts in December and it was literally on the TV every 15 minutes. The brain washing.
  4. But she has just as much input on Diamonds if not more than Calvin Harris on WFL. Anyway you ignored my point. When WFL was released Calvin was a nobody outside the UK. The release of WFL and Rihanna being on it literally made his career.
  5. Sia sings some vocals on Diamonds. Does that make her a feature?
  6. Outside the UK No1Kurred for Calvin Harris when WFL was released. People don't even remember Jay-Z was on Umbrella. The only one where you have a point is LTWYL but even that was really a joint effort, both artists were at their peak so it was only natural it would be huge. .
  7. Cancel me itch with a b. You be the.....
  8. Reported for Trolling outside BGs, also the fact i thought that gif was Madge.
  9. You, @Ghostface and I posting them anyway:
  10. @Wonho & @Ghostface coming up with corny jokes: The rest of FOTP:
  11. OMG yes! I'm totally here for that. Giving Me Life is the best song on Caution easily.
  12. Don't change the times again Mr Cornflakes. You've made me paranoid.
  13. He did it. 

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    2. Billie Frank

      Billie Frank

      Well Well Well.mp3 look what we have here, @Wonhocon admitting to ha shady business on Warwick Avenue.mp3. 5498-cat-JAM-1.gif

    3. Wonho


      Wail wail wail.

      I didn't admit anything, I just gave @Ghostface tips, since he's gone into that  business.

    4. Billie Frank

      Billie Frank

      Soon Mr @Wonho you'll need tips from Cornflakes about how to beg for mercy.mp3 and when you're found all of FOTP will read about it.mp3

  14. @Ghostface was so insecure and @Wonho's crew was so immature conversations painfully weak they were much better off when they didn't speak. Did I Do That? Yes you did Moo bitch with bops
  15. What even. My parents split when i was young so i lived with my Mum and she was never really that strict about that sort of thing. Much of the songs i listened to she listened to also anyway. Just had to make sure not to play them in front of the grandparents, i used to feel like such a bad bitch lip-syncing to P!nks Cuz I Can & U+Ur Hand.