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  1. I thought Sky Ferreira was a confectionery product. Maybe i'm thinking of Ferrero rocher. Anyway, yes. I think talent will always win regardless of time period.
  2. Billie Frank


    Arrg I'm still not in the Lamb tag.... @Sylk
  3. Billie Frank

    I wouldn't bother, they're too deluded to understand that a song released prior to the digital era is not comparable when it comes to sales due to streaming. It's the same reason that some of the biggest classics from the 60s and 70s barely have 10M streams, most people who listen to them have physical copies. There's then also the fact that in the mid 00s pirating of songs was especially common, it's not so now thanks services like Spotify.
  4. Billie Frank

    Bionic aged better than The Fame.
  5. Billie Frank

    I don't remember all of Hard Candy that well enough to comment, so i just said that song specifically. Music i was just referring to the song not the album, it's a very typical 2000 era production even though it bops and is a classic.
  6. Billie Frank

    Indeed it is my opinion, actually on that note Just Dance and TiK ToK sound dated too, California Gurls less so. Not all songs from that era sound dated, many of them are what i could call period fitting. That is to say that they fit their time, but are still enjoyable today. I cannot say i enjoy listening to Poker Face, despite prepubescent me being obsessed with it back in 2009. Likewise in the case of the Abba sample and Hung Up they also sound period fitting rather than dated. While Hung Up does sample the Abba song the production and arrangement is entirely different so the argument and point you've made is flawed. Having an opinion does not make it biased. Bias would be saying that all of Gagas music sounds dated (which i haven't) and then saying no Madonna song sounds dated. In actual fact when it comes to Madonna i think the whole American Life album, Music (song) and Give It To Me have aged poorly and are somewhat dated. Go to a club, pub, supermarket. Anywhere that plays music in the background, i can guarantee you're far more likely to hear Hung Up than Poker Face. Poker Face may have been bigger at the time of it's release, but Hung Up has endured and stood the test of time, the same can't be said for Poker Face.
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    We can't let this section die.
  8. Billie Frank


    My All vs Right To Dream
  9. Billie Frank

    Poker Face along with much of The Fame (Monster) sounds dated. Whereas the production and ABBA sample used on Hung Up is classic. Many of the biggest albums and songs from the 2008-11 era have aged terribly, especially the more electronic oriented stuff.
  10. Billie Frank

    I used to like Sorry but I've kinda lost interest in it now. Hung Up shits on Gags entire discography however.
  11. Billie Frank

    Imagine having a song as iconic as We Belong Together.
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    Not for another 8 minutes.
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    Video is unavailable.
  14. Billie Frank

    The icon! How can anyone not stan.