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  1. It could finally be the end of BoJo, but the worrying question is who replaces him... 15 (Yes 15!) Cabinet ministers have quit overnight.... This is huge. Rishi Sunak – Chancellor of the Exchequer Sajid Javid - Secretary of State for Health and Social Care John Glen - Economic Secretary to the Treasury Robin Walker - Minister of State for School Standards Will Quince - Minister of State for Children and Families Alex Chalk - Solicitor General for England and Wales Felicity Buchan - Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Business Secre
  2. When the levee breaks and Manhattan sinks

    There won't be water fit to drink

    When the winter's warm, and the summer's cold

    The poison stops you looking old

    You'll get a five second warning for divine and intervention

    And the satellites are falling prepare for ascension

    As the earth looks on

    The odds or probability of losing all capacity to function it's hereditary

    No antibiotic can save us now, no, no, no, no, no

    We are the virus that we talk about

    It's like a bullet to the head

    It's an S.O.S., it's an S.O.S.,

    Oh yes, oh yes, it's an S.O.S.



  3. Stick to dragging your zimmer frame along the pavement.
  4. Nothing really stands out to me so I'd say no, but anything Harry releases now will get pushed and become a hit so I know I'm likely wrong.
  5. The "Supine Court" as i'm now calling it has truly lost any fibre of credibility it once had.
  6. Miss Wendy, please just do yourself a favour and retire. You said you'd know when it's your time to go, and right now is your time to go.
  7. OMG that looks stunning.