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  1. He looks like one of those deranged people that gets plastic surgery to look like a famous person.
  2. She has the talent but she's not really that interesting and i don't like her arrogance. No one is "entitled to success".
  3. I never knew she was this deranged and messy...
  4. I mean the list is trash but she's clearly just bitter and too full of herself. Chaka can sing but she's not in the top 30 greatest singers/vocalists imo. Also as much as I love Mary she's not a #25 either given she's spent a career singing flat. Let's not even begin to talk about Bob Dylan who vocally is probably on par with Kesha at best.
  5. Why was P!nk breaking in to the set of The Voice uninvited?
  6. She's appearing on literally every TV show in Australia, UK and the US too. Clearly they know she's flopping.
  7. Even still she could've went with Nicki instead if that were the case.
  8. Doesn't she say this every year then instantly backtrack?
  9. She should know better, especially given the sort of people her fanbase is mostly made up of.
  10. The only thing in Rihanna's discography that's tba is a greatest hits album that she has no involvement with and is purely the work of her label.