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  1. Glad she was able to get a new kidney. Many people are often left waiting for decades and are basically stuck on dialysis for life, such an awful disease.
  2. It's pretty evident he didn't care about her and just used her for money and fame. I don't get how she can forgive him, but maybe he's changed his ways since then, probably not.
  3. I don't know why but this relationship is giving me closeted Lesbian meets closeted gay energy. I'm half expecting Poot to go off and have a long term relationship with Miley now.
  4. How the fuck is this away to turn 11 years old. I remember my cover photo on my Bebo account was the dance scene from her X Factor performance of the song. gaga13



    1. BabyMario44

      Fight For This Love is a bop

  5. Of all games why Roblox. Sis this is not it.
  6. Billie Frank

    Lets not...
  7. I've not been able to listen to it fully either but have seen some clips and it seems she finally goes in to detail, some of the stuck she talks about is pretty shocking. Like how her sister drugged her up when she was just 12.
  8. Billie Frank


    I wish the Sugababes would sort their YT out, half the videos have been taken down and/or replaced with low quality versions. While a few others are cut short. About You Now was not far off 100M views, yet the only video i can find now is a low quality one with 9.9M views that is only 2:52 long. Mess.
  9. Billie Frank

    Probably not, she's nearly 40, few Pop girls get a hit song past the age of 35 without features or lying about their age. Katy lacks a strong fanbase these days, most of her fans have either grown up or moved to another younger pop girl.
  10. Billie Frank

    In no particular order Teenage Dream, 1989, Bangerz & 25. I'd probably vote for 25 purely because it had cross appeal over all age groups that none of the others had.
  11. Billie Frank


    It has been for me, It just came up on my Spotify and i realised it was unavailable. It actually was quite a big hit here, i loved the movie when i was a kid.
  12. Labels tried to make every pop star the "next Britney" in the early 00s.
  13. Billie Frank


    Since when was Carwash removed from streaming.
  14. Billie Frank

    Is Areola even doing anything just now?
  15. Billie Frank

    Pop perfection.