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  1. Lotus would be good if everything about the album was entirely different. xtina7

    1. Mario


      agree. Stripped and Bionic is top 2 PeriodT

    2. Urbi
  2. What about Headlines? It's literally the most forgettable boring song ever.
  3. I wouldn't say great, there was potential there, but she was never that great of a singer. Imo in terms of best to worst vocally in the Spice Girls it's easily Mel C > Emma > Mel B > Victoria > Geri. Maybe, her movements just seemed very robotic and forced, especially when you compare it to the Mels who's movements are effortless. It's kinda funny that Mel C is the best vocal and the best dancer, you usually don't get that in most groups.
  4. She had so much potential especially as a vocalist, shame she never sought training.
  5. Chernobyl hasn't had a good song since 2014 that's probably why.
  6. Have you seen clips of the 2019 tour? Both the Mels are really what make the band, Jerry seemed bored, stiff and confused. Mel slayyed her Solo part at 4:50
  7. There's Pick N'Mix but they're a bit too Essex for my liking. Chernobyl is queen and clearly relevant since she has a Emoji on FOTP. I got a notice though!!! But what can we even post about Katy? She's not doing anything right now. Geri is literally the worst sksjsksjask Mel C >>>>>>>>>>>>
  8. Yes, @Free Britney and i were arguing about the Spice Girls in DMs.
  9. Nick comes across as one of those cringe teenage boys that was popular 7 years ago that we had all forgotten about.
  10. That might be why it doesn't do much for me. GYC is a catch song that i liked but i never went out of my way to listen to it, it was just a song that come on the radio that i liked. Gentleman had questionable lyrics but it was such a bop. All Fired Up and Notorious slayed. Issues is a classic.
  11. Someone has taste! Scandalous is so underrated. I think if it was released by a more known group it would've been far bigger, at least it got some more global exposure through GTA V. Glad You Came is very generic, like it could've basically been sung by any male or female pop star in 2011. What About Us is an underrated bop though, The Saturdays in general are underrated and often overlooked, they served consistently good bops and great live vocals.