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  1. Billie Frank

    I can't at Nostrils and Fossils still feuding in 2020. It isn't 2012 anymore.
  2. Billie Frank

    One of them from 1990 it seems.
  3. Billie Frank

    Yet it sounds fresher than most of the album. Does that mean the rest of the songs are TFM/BTW rejects?
  4. I have at no point said they're oppressed, what I said is you trying to oppress them (saying they (specifically White girls) shouldn't be allowed to be happy) will not help solve oppression. I didn't at all equate it to black people being killed, in fact I quite clearly stated that it was in a different context, however that doesn't take away from the fact it's still a form of oppression. Next "White people in American don't face discrimination" this is factually inaccurate. Every living human faces discrimination, you're taking a very one dimensional view here. I assume what you mean to say is that White people dont face discrimination based on the colour of their skin. However this again isn't true, granted there is a inequality but all races face discrimination and discriminate towards each other. Go look at any Daily Mail article about a white female celebrity, you'll see plenty of discrimination in the comments whether that be about their age, weight, clothes, hair etc. Granted it may not be because of the colour of their skin however its still discrimination nonetheless. Just because someone is in one majority it doesn't mean they can't be discriminated against. There seems to be a culture today where it's seen as okay for a non-white person to discriminate against a white person, for a gay person to discriminate a straight person, for companies to have female only shortlists that discriminate against men. Discrimination is still discrimination regardless of who the victim and culprits are. Just because you've been discriminated against it doesn't mean it's okay for you to discriminate. You should be the better person and strive for equality for everyone. Hopefully this reply will clear things up for ha.
  5. No one is downplaying the racism and police brutality in America. However, you can't solve oppression by making others oppressed, just like you can't solve racism by being racist towards a majority, you can't solve sexism by being sexist (cough women only short lists). Just because your race/sexual orientation/gender has been discriminated against in the past it doesn't give you a free pass to discriminate and sadly that is what your post is doing albeit in a different context.
  6. Billie Frank


    I laughed more than i should have at these. I'm surprised the transition at the end of SFA hasn't became a meme yet.
  7. Girl what is this avi????
  8. Billie Frank


    It has over 24M views so definitely not underrated.
  9. Queen. I hope she does more acapellas and live concerts in the future.
  10. Billie Frank


    What about an album?
  11. Billie Frank


    Alice, Sine From Above & Babylon are the best.
  12. Billie Frank


    It's a good song but you really can't claim it's a classic yet, you can't with any song. You need to wait a few years before you'll really know.
  13. Future Nostalga is the better overal package and more commercial. But Coronaintheattic is more interesting. I prefer Corona over Dua for now.
  14. Billie Frank


    It is. The song has no structure and goes nowhere.