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  1. Strippers and the vicars in the back

    First man cracked

    Jump on the main line track and

    I take a little bit of pay, okay

    And the beat of the big trombone


  2. I dont start shit but I can tell you how it ends. aretha1

  3. *grabs popcorn*


    1. Entea


      I'm so done with this government rip4


  4. I dont like cities

    But I love New York

    Other places

    Make me feel like a dork

  5. Having a long distance relationship sucks sometimes. cry9

  6. Can we get a Jane McDonald stan badge? The Queen Of Cruise Ship singing deserves her flowers.

  7. No longer single. demi1

    1. Kylie


      Are you an album? oprah15 


      Congrats legend you deserve love katyanna1 


    2. Billie Frank

      Billie Frank

      Thank you @Kylie legend, it kinda happened out of nowhere, but maybe that's a good thing. ari3

  8. Honestly, Nick Cannon is disgusting. Why would you make so many children but can't even maintain one exclusive relationship with someone? When is Katy Perry releasing a new single?

  9. Holy Fvck maybe aoty. 

    1. Chris



    2. Kylie


      Me when I speak the truth

  10. Red One


    Girls bring the fun of life

    Sugar like apple pie

    Let's have a party, y'all


    1. Kylie


      Red oooooone



      Oooooh yeah 

  11. Just cos you’re raising the bet and call the shots nooOoOooOow on me, ooh. 


  12. We don't have too much time here

    And time it travels far too fast

    We're not to far we're too near

    Before they take it from our hands



  13. When the levee breaks
    And Manhattan sinks
    There won't be water fit to drink
    When the winter's warm
    And the summer's cold
    The poison stops you looking old

    You'll get a five second warning for divine and intervention
    And the satellites are falling, prepare for ascension
    As the earth looks on the odds or probability
    Of losing all capacity to function, it's hereditary

    No antibiotic can save us now
    We are the virus that we talk about
    It's like a bullet through the head

  14. For you, I'd give up all I own
    And move to a communist country
    If you came with me, of course
    And I'd file my nails, so they don't hurt you
    And lose those pounds, and learn about football
    If it made you stay, but you won't, but you won't

  15. Stream Easy Lover. 

  16. I listened to renaissance. 

  17. As much as I love Dula Peep Potion has been massively overshadowed by Stay With Me. 

  18. My local radio station seem to be playing the Big Energy Remix with Mariah every two hours. ari3

  19. We all grieve in different ways
    If one tear could wash away the pain
    We're all free to have the faith we believe
    The world sleeps at different times
    With one turn your day is now my night
    We all live sharing the air that we breathe

  20. Do you ever just want to go in to a pitch black room and scream? brit1

    1. Chris


      every night rav2 

    2. Kylie


      I think Boris Johnson is doing this every night now

  21. SCREAMING, So Theresa May stans Craig David.