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  1. That moment when you realise you've been captured on google streetview twice on the same day and didn't even realise until 9 months later. cry5

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    2. Billie Frank

      Billie Frank

      2 minutes ago, Madame X said:

      Google's really spying your ass. brit15 You should sue them for not blurring your face and exposing you like that. brit15

      I feel violated. brit15


      Anyway that guy who was standing outside to the right of me at the Cafe was really creepy. He was just standing there randomly for about 20 minutes for no reason and kept looking inside before walking off. brit15

    3. Ariana


      what were you drinking tho brit15

    4. Billie Frank

      Billie Frank

      6 hours ago, Ariana said:

      what were you drinking tho brit15

      It was a Strawberry Milkshake with loads of whipped cream. brit15