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  1. I did not just see an advert from Tesco selling fried chicken with Oops I Did It Again playing in the background. brit15

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    2. Shawn's Slave

      Shawn's Slave

      Oh. The places are closer than I thought. The massive farmlands threw me off, if it were here, it'd be so far apart from one another. Do you see heilan coos on those farms? jj2

      I want to visit COCK bridge oprah10 

    3. Billie Frank

      Billie Frank

      Probably. Yes our fields aren't the size of cities. sia3 


      Poor Maggie.

    4. Shawn's Slave

      Shawn's Slave

      Is it a road... street or a lane? sia3

      Or do you just call it Maggiecockeater? ny4

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