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  1. Daddy told me look into the future
    Sit at your computer and be a good girl
    Momma said remember you're a lady
    Think before you play and straighten your curls


    Well everybody's talkin' like I'm crazy
    Dangerous and lazy girl with no soul
    But I've seen it all from where I'm hiding
    Baby cause I'm sliding out of control


    Here I go out the door, Crankin' the stereo, I think a finger, To the world below oh

    Here I am dirty hands, I don't give a damn Shut your mouth cause it might show


    I don't need no good advice
    I'm already wasted

    I don't need some other life
    Cold and complicated

    I don't need no Sunday trips
    Tea and sympathizing

    I don't need no special fix
    To anesthetize me


    girls aloud hair flip GIF