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  1. What does the Australian National Anthem, US Navy and the Bank Of England have in common? 



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    2. Shawn's Slave

      Shawn's Slave

      This is why nobody takes Scotland seriously.  brit9

    3. Billie Frank

      Billie Frank

      Except the fact we invent everything. 


      The founder of Forbes magazine was from New Deer in Aberdeenshire. We also invented the Bank Of France. 



    4. Shawn's Slave

      Shawn's Slave

      I think the most impressive is the telephone... thought it was invented by Americans or English... never thought an obscure country's person would have invented that. 


      Other things I found impressive are.. nucleus of a cell, first English surgery book, most of the household items. But overall, a very impressive list rih1 Didn't know unicornmen invented so many things, they must have been all clobbered up under "British"... brit9

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