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  1. I know it will sound stupid to many of you but the thought of turning 20 in three months time is actually scary. Like where did the time go. jj4

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    2. Lynk


      I used to feel that way. Growing up I always thought I had to have my life together by 20 or I failed at life. I even wanted to get married and haveat before my mid 20s dead2. As I went into my late teens and started talking to people in their 20s I realized it's not that bad. Sure you're an adult but you're still young so you have time to fuck up and sort out your life.

      Now if we're talking about my 30s, that's what I'm fucking scared off. bebe1

    3. Shawn's Slave

      Shawn's Slave

      nicki5 @Lynk, girl, 20 is way too early to marry. Anyway I thought I'd get my life together by 30, but I'm 32 now and it's still messed up. So I don't put expectations on myself anymore. 



    4. Lynk


      @Cha EunwooI was like 5, leave me alone . Now I don't even think I want to get married.

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