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  1. So glad i live with a bus stop 10 metres from my bedroom so i can catch cheap and environmentally friendly public transport instead of being a greedy Tory and driving a nasty, dirty, polluting car everywhere causing congestion and pollution. I really am doing the public a service and you should too. 

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    2. Billie Frank

      Billie Frank

      @Lukas sksjsksj it's okay, i've been accused of being a Tory before on here sia4 which i find highly offensive and repulsive. 

    3. Chris


      Idk what a tory is but I read t**y as the way Trixie Mattel said titty in one of the UNHhhh episodes

    4. Lukas


      @Kim Woodburn same hunty sia2 I literally live in an ex council haus in East London im the furthest from tory jj2 


      @Chris Morlock a republican basically jj2