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  1. I don't need no good advice
    I'm already wasted
    I don't need some other life
    Cold and complicated
    I don't need no Sunday trips
    Tea and sympathising
    I don't need no special fix
    To anaesthetise me



    1. Lukas


      Here I go out the door
      Crankin' the stereo
      I think a finger 
      To the world below oh whit1 

    2. Billie Frank

      Billie Frank

      I don't need no good advice
      No well intentioned sacrifice
      I don't need no Sunday trips
      No chocolate box or speed for kicks
      Hell I don't need no beauty sleep
      No need to count those dirty sheep
      And I don't need no bedtime prayer
      Cos frankly I don't even care


    3. Lukas


      Girls Aloud truly were THE British girlband cry9