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  1. You say that but the UK Prime Minister did say a few years ago that there was more chance of him being reincarnated as an Olive than becoming Prime Minister... yet we've ended up with both.
  2. Ariana Gomez is cute? But people are going to think she's related to the Selener now.
  3. Tina Turner isn't in the Rock And Roll hall of fame yet?!? What is this blasphemy!
  4. Its from 2017, its meant to sound like a follow up to I Know What You Want.
  5. I'm pretty sure the video was filmed at the end of 2017 or early 2018 after the Stella era so its fine. Yes she looks amazing in it.
  6. I'm woken up to see the light
    I'll never give up on this fight
    Dare to dream and realize
    We are, we are bloody lucky
    Beauty lies in every scar
    With never doubting who you are
    Reaching up to touch the stars
    We are, we are bloody lucky
    Hit me like you do, don't wait
    Hit me like you do always
    Hit me like you do, don't wait
    We are, we are bloody lucky

  7. I thought Debbie was having hits, that's what her fans seem to think anyway. NRO was released over a year before Senile.
  8. I mean if you're comparing it to Senile then you're setting very very very LOW standards. I pray for Debbie.
  9. Yes, it's intended as a follow up / pt2, the song is actually a few years old but only just released recently.
  10. Why are you listening to Celine Box again. If you like that song then you should listen to Miss You Most At Christmas Time. Its like a superior version of the ballads on Snooze Box.
  11. The hate for Charmbraclet. In the words of @Mario its like her Butterfly 2.0.
  12. This is so cute. 10. I love when she sings more soft and "naturally" like this.
  13. Part of the problem might be that she's in a generally happy place in her life. I think artists best music comes during the worst times in their life (after a breakup etc). Gwen seems the sort of songwriter who writes in the moment rather than at a reflective point of view.
  14. I'll go first. Yours Truly: Right There My Everything: Love Me Harder Dangerous Woman: Into You Sweetener: Everytime Thank You, Next: Bad Idea Positions: Safety Net
  15. What are your favourite songs from each Ariana album? Yours Truly: My Everything: Dangerous Woman: Sweetener: Thank You, Next: Positions:
  16. Safety Net is one of her best songs. YUP YUP YUP
  17. Bum Bum Dee Bum Bum Bum De Bum Baaa Disturbia
  18. Actually the song has massively grown on me now, this remix is what should've been released. It doesn't feel like a far too short song now and the style is what Gwen is known for.