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  1. Just coming here to say what others have pointed out... That's not Khloe, that's Jesy Nelson.
  2. This marks their first 'new' solo release in almost a decade.
  3. Parts of the instrumental i really like, but the lyrics and vocals are nothing other than awful.
  4. I randomly came across this the other week when it came up under new releases on Spotify, it's a bop.
  5. Rip. We should never forget that a lot of what she said back in the 90s regarding the Catholic Church that saw her blacklisted turned out to be true...
  6. August 30th is too far away. They should've been releasing it as the hype for Padam starts to cool down.
  7. She's been promoting this for a few months now. The long essay disclaimers send me every time.
  8. 20 consecutive top 10 hits would say otherwise.
  9. If you want to hear a "The Show" that was actually released.
  10. I got my hands all ready to touch your soul

    I'm gonna get the energy to wire me close to you

    Got my eyes on the prize I see

    Are you watching me, baby?

    Cause my heart is turning to solid gold

    And my head is saying, "honey, too good to be true"

    But one look in your glittered eyes

    Power's failing me every time

  11. This is actually quite nice, I'm sure there's a sample though? Eitherway its a sound thats much more authentic for her.
  12. If her entire family turned up there would probably be more people there anyway.
  13. Girls Aloud have released a deluxe edition of the Sound Of The Underground album to celebrate its 20th anniversary. The new edition contains preciously unreleased tracks, alternative versions and remixes.
  14. Not sure what her team/management were thinking booking that venue in the first place. I doubt Disharmony would be able to sell out venues in 2023 either, not unless the venues were cafes. It's not like they were exactly established as a group either.
  15. As much as i hope it's good based on past recent releases i'm not getting my hopes up.
  16. Your faves could never, 55 and still serving solo top 10 hits. kylie6


    1. ajp


      Kween gaga13


    2. Princess Aurora

      Princess Aurora

      That's not bad, it better makes it straight to #1

  17. She seems so much more confident on stage these days, far more than she has been in at least well over a decade. A great setlist too.
  18. Padam Padam is currently projected to rise to #6 on the UK Official Singles Midweek Chart. This would be Kylie's first top 10 entry since Higher with Taio Cruz in 2011 and her highest charting song since All The Lovers. She would also become the first and only artist to have a solo top #10 in five consecutive decades with an original song. https://www.officialcharts.com/chart-news/dave-central-cee-sprinting-for-number-1-debut-with-first-ever-collab__39466/
  19. It'll rise again... It's currently predicted to rise to #6!