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  1. You turned down the light in me
    I think our time is over
    And ain't it funny how sweet I dream
    But the bed keeps on getting colder
    Sometimes when I close my eyes
    It feels like I'm living by numbers
    Cos I've been holding you so damn tight
    I gotta stop cos it's pulling me under



  2. When you log on and get excited about having 20 notifications only to realise its the same member reacting to posts from 2 years ago and a random status update from Chris Morlock. 


    1. ajp


      That image should be imready2 

    2. Billie Frank

      Billie Frank

      @ajp noooo ffs. jj4mad5fall9



    3. Chris


      Nah make it fall10 

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  3. Urgh, why did they release that snooze fest ballad as their last single over this bop. giveup3


  4. It's taken a long time woo woo
    But wild horses wouldn't take me back to you woo woo
    Get out of town and take your lazy dog with you
    Your train is running late and overdue WOO! WOO!

  5. Mariah coming on to the airwaves the minute November 1st hits:


  6. This was not just a cultural reset but also a generational one. 


    1. Kristina


      Iconic performance!

  7. This is not it, why does it sound like royalty free background music. As for the lyrics... 


    1. Kylie


      Keep my name outta your mouth

  8. Hi, erm, i'm just wondering have you got any, like, sort of punky electronica kind of grime, like new wave grime but maybe more kinda like broken beats, but kinda like maybe more dubby broken beats but a little soulful? Like drum and bassy but kinda more broken drum and base like broken beats but kinda break beat kinda drum and base kinda... do you know what i mean?


    A classic. 



    Sorry for spamming the feed, but yess. yas2

  10. Still sounds fresh 20 years later. One of their best songs. Can they hurry up and just release the follow up album to One Touch. yas2


  11. It's almost time. 


    1. Chris


      Michelle Visage xo


    2. Billie Frank

      Billie Frank

      Oh yes the lady from the Steps video. 

    3. Chris


      a drag race LEGEND legend1 

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  12. Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. 

    A spoon full of Honey, a whole lot of G.


  13. A classic. rose1


    1. Kylie


      Cured homophobia in Europe

  14. sia5


    1. Slayty Perry
    2. Billie Frank

      Billie Frank

      Really? I hope you're being sarcastic. brit16

    3. Chris


      shes a fav, yes true1 

  15. @Royalty to the next person who posts one of those memes.


    1. Kylie


      The next person who posts that meme will have to upvote EVERYTHING I have ever post

  16. Actually better than the original, imagine having this much talent at that age. 


  17. The streets are saying P!nks next studio album will be called "Live, Laugh, Love" and feature 12 songs including the hit singles "Can I Speak To The Manager", "All The Underdogs (Featuring Sia)" & "Boomer (Featuring BTS)".

    1. Billie Frank

      Billie Frank

      @Mario Spears yes. the album is out on the 31st of February. 

    2. Mario Spears
    3. Shawn's Slave

      Shawn's Slave

      Bonus track: "I Would Have Helped ft Britney"

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  18. Sugababes slayed this. Better than the original.


  19. Iconic pop culture moment. 


    1. Kylie



    2. Entea



    3. Billie Frank

      Billie Frank

      @Royalty Nadine (GA) and Keisha (SB) carried the performance as always. You need to stop sleeping on GA tho, they have one of the best pop discographies. 


      @Entea I wish they had done a proper song together that wasn't a cover, preferably one produced by Xenomania. The closest we'll ever get is Something New which was co-written by Keisha from the Sugababes. 




  20. Jesy Nelson is from Essex? Okay, the excessive fake tan makes sense now. 

  21. A flop that has almost 1.2 Billion views.... When will your faves. 


    1. max


      Only Godty sass1 

  22. Hey Mr. postman
    Where's the mail
    For my mailbox?
    I wanna sex on the beach
    And I don't mean on the rocks
    It's your serve, baby
    But the ball's in my court
    I got a landing strip clear
    For you at the airport