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  1. Is anyone comparing them? I thought Zendaya was an actress?
  2. Lowkey a fucking bop. mess1


  3. Let Me Blow Ya Mind Vs. Kings Never Die
  4. Bubble Pop Electric Vs. Where Would I Be?
  5. In 1996 there was the Dunblane Massacre in the UK, after it there was significant gun reforms (some of the strictest in the world) banning all privately owned handguns and there hasn't been another school shooting since, in fact Britain has only had five mass shootings in it's entire history and even the vast majority of police do not carry guns, only specially trained firearms officers. If an example like that doesn't speak volumes then i really don't know what will or can. I think the other problem is just the social norms of the US as a whole. Gun ownership is not seen as a right in the UK
  6. Now we talking astrology, getting our nails did, our Japanese-y

    Day drinking at the Wildcats, sucking real bad at Mariah Carey-oke


  7. What the fuck. 4 years old? How fucking deranged does a country have to be to continuously let shootings like this just happen before they actually take action. Fuck your second amendment, constitutions are not fixed, they're amendable... When are they going to wake up to reality... I'm not America, but the sheer ignorance of some of the people and the establishment infuriates me.
  8. Not me thinking this was about the Ciara song when i saw the thread on the home page and getting ready to post a cringe shady comment about how no one "thinks about her".
  9. Chris Brown is just a Walmart Usher, worse music, can't sing anywhere near as well and can't dance anywhere near as well. I really don't see the appeal for him or his music, it offers nothing authentic or unique. Granted i'm not the biggest fan of Ed Sheeran's music, but i can at least understand why he appeals to some people, Chris Brown however has the appeal of a piss stained toilet seat.
  10. esYuegy.jpg


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    2. Slayty Perry

      Slayty Perry

      Didn't know she was so kinky

    3. Kylie


      BITE ME ON THE DICK oprah15 

    4. Chris Morlock

      Chris Morlock

      now THAT'S a Mod Sun remix ill listen to whit2 

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  11. Sorry, i got hacked by I Brings That Epidemiology.
  12. Ariana is my favourite POC Pop girl Beyonce is a thief and very overrated Britney's only close to flawless album from start to finish is ITZ Xtina is an overweight fad oreo eater who sounds like chalk being dragged down a board and doesn't give a shit about her fans, she's a capitalist and probably a communist. Dua Lipa can be dumb at times Katy Perry needs to do more songs with big belting Kylie is a hag for balding UK gays Lady Gaga has a massive fucking nose from all the lies she tells and her #19 Nose Reduction surgeries cannot change that Ma

    1. Kylie


      And it looks FLAWFREE on her and we love to fucking see it! rose1 

  14. More impressive is the fact Stay is still there. I mean i like the song but it really is just lingering like a bad fart now.
  15. This seems very likely. They've always wanted to work together and with Mariah appearing in Janet's documentary etc it just makes sense.
  16. It's snowing. giveup3

  17. I dislike both When I Saw You & I Am Free.
  18. ? There's no fighting, i do not fight.