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  1. Actually better than the original, imagine having this much talent at that age. 



  3. Not the Ritz crackers. dead2


  4. I can't be the only one who thinks the ending instrumental of Chiquitita by Abba sounds like the Thomas And Friends theme. 

  5. Hands up to the sky
    I'll be your galaxy
    I'm about to fly
    Rain on me, tsunami


  6. Yass Daddy Barlow. cry9


  7. Me getting up to go to the toilet at 3am:


  8. Thinking of changing my username to Shontelligence. 


  9. Doctor Who: Attack of the Daleks


  10. Adelta Airlines... coming to a runway near you soon. 

  11. Honestly, Nick Cannon is disgusting. Why would you make so many children but can't even maintain one exclusive relationship with someone? When is Katy Perry releasing a new single?

  12. Even as a non-American in a country where gun laws are not really an issue. This video really hits you. It's about time people really spoke out. 



  13. L-O-L

    Smiley Face

    Have A Nice Day

    nicki minaj laughing GIF

  14. My mum is currently blasting Oliver Roadkills song right now. The really annoying one that sounds like a 2008 Selena Gomez reject. jj4

  15. Oh it's valentines day.


    What a shame. 

  16. Urgh.

    Mariah's "Never Too Far" is literally one of the greatest songs of all time.

  17. A classic. true1 

    Kinda funny to think Robbie essentially has two song with the same name. 


    Another bop



  18. Ok... So my mum is in the kitchen doing some cleaning with Stupid Love on full volume. brit13

  19. Its a murder on the dance floor, but you better not kill the groove. 


    Dua Lipa GIF by LOS 40 Guadalajara

  20. Kylie really did snatch with Marry The Night. It went from empowerment to sexy just like that. kylie11

  21. Listening to Adele's "Set Fire To The Rain" reminds me of why i love the song so much, but fucking hate the vocal production on the studio version. The use of Auto-tune on it is far too excessive.