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  1. This is amazing. OMG.


  2. I can't believe its been 5 years since I first came out to someone. cry9

  3. The flu is the worst. 




  4. She really is the greatest vocalist of all time. Yup. rose1


  5. The girl's got style, legs for miles
    Seen 'em walk all over you
    You get your kicks, like flies to shit
    Buzzing round the model zoo

  6. We stan Katy being a woke queen.


  7. Please tell me i'm not the only one who can't listen to Mariah Carey - "Vanishing" without saying "sombody's doing the wrong note". moo11

  8. We Belong Together in Whistle registere.... Bitch stop trolling us with these slays.



  9. Congrats @Bionic-AHHH! a hit thread!



    @Winnie x Ava Max will be seething. moo2

  10. Katy better not flop this time. 

  11. Gaga better fucking keep the Xtina version of DWUW on streaming.



  12. They were nasty for this. giveup3


  13. Pop excellence. demi1


  14. Iconic! Our faves could never deliver such a flawless bop. 


  15. Lowkey a bop, even though the vocal production on the "Yeah yeah yeah" at the start is giving Friday by Rebecca Black. 


  16. I can't deny the way my d-d-dirty mind is saying "lover, come and get me, get me"

    But for a while i dropped that d-d-dirty style, and i discovered that it's sexy, sexy!


  17. Dance floor's open, feeling free
    Music's pumping to get on your feet
    Take a chance and feel the beat
    Get on up and, you gotta dance with me


  18. I enjoy cooken beckin' n'stoff, werkin' wee floyure