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  1. I've kinda grown to like Madame X now... katy4


    Crave is my favourite. 

    1. montblanc


      crave bop


    2. SeekingThrill


      I also appreciate it more now, then last year. jj3 

    3. Shego


      Y'all gonna be in 5 years like 'Margerine Flange was a genius, that's why he stanned MX since the first listen' nicki3 

  2. sksjsks Iconic.



    1. Alexx


      27 weeks at #1 is insane brit14

      A true icon alex1

    2. CHANEL #1

      CHANEL #1

      I thought this was a new tweet and was about to be like how the fuck was AIWFCIY #1 for that long in Brazil of all places rip4 

    3. Ariana


      Imagine her making a thread on BGs dead2 "The way I can't stop breaking records!"

  3. Urgh bring back the faves sections. brit11

    1. Ariana


      period pooh brit16

  4. OMG! Yass, whoever picked this song has good taste. 



    1. Ruthless Love

      Ruthless Love

      I thoroughly enjoy soulful pop Kelly... but watching this makes me want rock Kelly to make a comeback in 2020; hoping the two merge, and we get some soulful pop rock!

  5. Has Dua Lipa ever responded to the meme of her dancing? She clearly saw it as her dancing has since improved.

    1. Kylie


      What meme? There are so many bebe1 

    2. Billie Frank

      Billie Frank

      @Royalty the most iconic one. She walked in so confident and then... MWZe1Ds.gif



    3. Entea
  6. Happy Birthday Madonna. 

  7. I'm outta love set me free and let me out this misery
    Just show me the way to get my life again
    'Cause you can't handle me
    Said I'm outta love can't you see
    Baby that you gotta set me free, I'm outta love


    A bop!

    And to those American's who probably don't know who she is you won't expect her voice to sound the way it does...

  8. Gwen Stefani really did invent Christmas in 2017 with You Make It Feel Like Christmas. 

  9. Alexa play Joy To The World.


    1. Ariana


      and heaven and nature sing

      and heaven and nature sing


  10. Eminem is so repulsive, he seriously will say anything to get attention. Urrgh

  11. Since fucking when did this have 700M+ views! A true classic! 



    1. Billie Frank

      Billie Frank

      @Habits yass. What's your favourite ND song? Mines is probably Simple Kind Of Life. I also love "Platinum Blonde Life" off the album Rock Steady. 

    2. Ruthless Love

      Ruthless Love


    3. Habits


      Don't Speak, New, Hey Baby, Push & Shove, Bathwater, Hella Good, Sunday Morning are some of my favorite ND songs oprah4 

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  12. When you see a really hot guy in town and want to stare but don't want anyone else to see you're staring. arrrghhh fall2

  13. brit15

    I forgot about this! Even Cheryl could tell it was off. 

  14. An underrated bop! With some meaningful Lyrics too. 



    1. Ruthless Love

      Ruthless Love

      @I Brings That Levity Unfortunately, I cannot blame 4.0 for the loss of the Sugababes sound, because the majority of Sweet 7 was recorded before Keisha's exit; only thing Jade did was re-record her vocals. It was the influence of Roc Nation and their influence of a more American-sounding record.

      1.0 work now, simply because of how Siobhan's voice has matured since her departure, and that's to their benefit. 2.0, IMHO, produced their most-known hit. Siobhan completely changed this song, and while I do love it, it is missing Heidi's flavour to it:

      What's your fave ORIGINAL song from each lineup?

    2. Billie Frank

      Billie Frank

      @Ruthless Love i know what you mean, however i was more meaning vocally. As in it just didn't sound like the Sugababes without Keisha's voice. As i say i'm pretty sure she had lost interest by that point hence why they went with the much more generic pop sound. And yes i would agree they were trying to make them more American sounding and compete against The Saturdays. For me it was always Keisha and/or Mutya who carried the group vocally, they had the most unique/strongest voices.  


      You have to keep in mind when they first started they were barely based the age of 16 (actually i think Mutya was 15...), so it's to be expected that their voices hadn't matured yet, especially Siobhan. However now they're all strong and great singers, i don't think the band ever had a bad singer and they were always vocally much stronger than their peers (cough Girls Aloud, cough Cheryl & Kimberly... Who i also love but).


      I think if 1.0 were to redo some of 2.0/3.0s songs there would be ones where it does and doesn't work, but that's just down to the nature of their tones. I agree that Ugly wouldn't really work with Siobhan nor would Girls - unless they changed the arrangement.


      In terms of my favourite songs they'd have to be.

      1.0: Flatline (if you include it) i honestly just adore that song.

      2.0: Hole In The Head

      3.0: About You Now (i have no option but to pick this for nostalgia reasons, i was obsessed with it when it came out). That aside i love Girls, Denial and No Can Do. 

      4.0: Wear My Kiss

      What are yours?


    3. Ruthless Love

      Ruthless Love

      1.0 (original):


      honorable mention:


      honorable mention:


      1.0 (reformation):

      @I Brings That Levity

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  15. London Bridge by Fergie is that song!


    A classic! 

    1. Beyoncé


      Hollaback Girl did it first

  16. Truly disgusting. How can this be allowed to happen in this day and age. 



  17. Ohh wow, this new Dula Peep song actually kinda slays. 

  18. OMG! Finally a Shawn Mendes duet that works.



    1. ajp


      I enjoyed that tay3

    2. Kylie
    3. Shego


      Nah no.

      I can't stand artists who will do anything to chart higher. And he's at his peak, what will happen in 10 years.


  19. Bad Girl by Madge is such a mood. 

  20. One of the most underrated songs and vocal groups of our time. It's a shame the original line up of the Sugababes didn't last long. Although hopefully we'll get more new music soon. 




    1. Kenya


      About You Now is a classic ny1 

    2. Billie Frank

      Billie Frank

      @Kenya agree, but the line up at that point was a bit crap, half of them couldn't sing properly. I really feel they lost something once Mutya left, it still annoys me to this day that they had the audacity to release an album after Keisha left too. The 2009/10 line up wasn't truly the Sugababes at all.

  21. Now it's time to get the Christmas Tree up!