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  1. Holy shit, that key change. 


  2. Who agrees with me that Katy Perry probably has one of the best pop discography's of the digital era. Even on her albums there's rarely songs that sound like filler and her singles don't sound dated.

    Hopefully her next album/era will be a return to the top. bey7

  3. Now it's time to get the Christmas Tree up! 

  4. MDNA, with all due respect is just an average album. Most of it sounds like literally variations of Turn Off The Radio. Gang Bang is the only song that sounds MDNA-esque. 

  5. All I want is something new
    Something I can hold on to
    I don't wanna talk
    I just wanna dance
    Baby let it drop
    Catch me if you can


  6. brit15

    I forgot about this! Even Cheryl could tell it was off. 

  7. She really will do anything to defend him, huh?


  8. DON'T LET GO!!!

    If you believe - 



    Usain Bolt is shook. 

  9. This is Adele? shock1shock1shock1shock1shock2shock2shock2shock2shock2


    She looks amazing!

  10. We love a queen of public transportation!




  11. Still underrated. 


  12. Are you alright David Attenborough? 

  13. I don't care what anyone says, this is and was such an underappreciated bop. 


  14. You want me?

    I want you baby

    My sugarboo

    I'm levitating

    The Milky Way

    We're renegading

    Yeah yeah yeah yeah


  15. Kings and Queens and Presidents
    Ministers of Governments
    Welcome to the future of your world

    Through talking heads that took liberties
    The monkeys learnt to build machines
    They think they'll get to heaven through the universe

    They say nothing
    Deny everything
    And make counter accusations
    My friends, my dear, my love, my God

    There'll be trouble when the Kids come out....


  16. Lets play some basketball! 











  17. The best bond song! gaga13



  18. My life got cold
    It happened many years ago
    When summer slipped away
    So chill now whoah
    We've got many years to go
    So take it day by day