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  1. Legends like Madonna and Mariah Carey saving the music industry once again... cry9

  2. Had a lovely day yesterday with family going for a drive along the coast road to see the new harbour that is currently in build along with a run to Torry Battery (old WW2 outpost). Can't believe how hot it was, the news was saying it was the hottest Easter on record in Scotland.

    Here's a photo of Aberdeen, UK yesterday that i got from Torry Battery. There was also a surprising number of Dolphin watchers, however i didn't see any Dolphins! 


    1. Billie Frank

      Billie Frank

      Slayyyy at me actually posting a "Status". rih4

  3. OMG what is this! fall9



    1. Chris


      This was from the artRAVE sis nicki5


  4. Me hearing Lizzo's new album for the first time...


  5. Well Ari slayed cockroachella. 

  6. Why does the drum beat in Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis sound like a washing machine when you accidentally leave a coin in your trousers. 

    1. AGNTEA


      I- .. it's the snare that makes it sound like that but yes you are right omg cry9

  7. These faves section names, I'm dead. fall1

  8. I just realised that in Kelly Clarkson's song "Because Of You she says "Because of you, I never stray too far from the sidewalk".
    I always thought she said "Because of you, Americans call the pavement a sidewalk".
    1. Billie Frank

      Billie Frank

      7 hours ago, Madonna said:

      My non-English speaking ass used to think she said "I never stand too far from the sideboard".


      We love a bilingual queen, sadly i just speak English and well Doric (Local dialect of Scots, which is a variation on English).

    2. Billie Frank

      Billie Frank

      Just now, Chris Morlock said:

      sis fall1 

      Just not "American English". Anyway try being from North Scotland, go anywhere else in the UK and people have no clue what you're saying half the time. jj1

    3. Chris
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  9. Sis, do you even sleep?


    Active legend of FOTP. cry9

  10. I've finally emancipated from my Snepsica phase. Thanks all for sticking with me through this very tough and difficult time. 



    1. Hylia


      In retrospect, I stanned it, even if I didn’t know. You were ahead of your time! kylie1 

    2. Billie Frank

      Billie Frank

      Thanks hun, we stanned together, but Mariah must regain her spot as my #1 fave.


      The true queen of being #1! kylie1

    3. Madonna


      Thank GOD

  11. Underappreciated bawp! 



    Real shame she wasn't able to become a much bigger name. 

    1. Madonna


      Her biggest impact is this iconic gif alex1 

  12. @Raven hey sis, stay pressed. dead2

  13. We love a queen of public transportation!




  14. What a classic!



    1. Kang Yuchan

      Kang Yuchan

      Succesica Succubus stays winning!

    2. Billie Frank

      Billie Frank

      Yass Successica Slayson! Do you like my new avi?

  15. One of the greatest moments in music history in my opinion.



    1. Mariah's 19 #1s

      Mariah's 19 #1s

      Mariah sang better

    2. Billie Frank

      Billie Frank

      1 minute ago, Mariah's 18 #1's said:

      Mariah sang better

       Please don't. 


      Both were equally amazing, Mariah & Whitney should never be compared. Whitney is no longer with us, at least have an ounce of respect for once.

    3. Mariah's 19 #1s

      Mariah's 19 #1s

      Excuse me, hun, but I wasn’t being disrespectful by simply stating which voice I preferred during the performance! Whitney sang great too boo. 

  16. Because of 365 Zedd has became one of my most listened to Artists of the past month. fall2


    1. Satori


      I’m sorry katy6

  17. I try to fart like a whale each time you let me down.

  18. Bianca has returned... 

  19. "Touch my Body"


    "Stop singing my part now baby"






  20. Nah you ain't seeing things,
    Or hallucinating,
    I brings that levity,
    Take me for a ride.

    Light in the sky let's fly high,
    Boy I got you caught up inside of my haze,
    And you're gonna be gone for days

    I'm like that ooo weee,
    You're fiendin to blaze up,
    And taste me,
    Got flavor like ice cream,
    'Cause I'm that chick you like.



    A BOP!!!

  21. Remember that time Shawn Mendes sampled Mariah Carey. moo9

    1. ParentalAdvisory
    2. Venom


      are we really gonna call Shawn a 'vocal legend' just because he has a body kesha5

  22. Who the fuck are Joe & 98 Degrees? moo4


    Also i forgot how much i hate this song, it's rancid. 


    I think every good artist has that song in their discography which you just hate.



  23. "If he makes you feel like a million dollar bill.

    Say oh oh oh.

    Say oh oh oh.

    Makes you go left, right, up, down.

    Got you spinning round and round

    Say oh oh oh. 


    Ahha Baby"




    1. Venom


      The downvote I-

    2. Billie Frank

      Billie Frank

      10 minutes ago, Venom said:

      The downvote I-

      The stressed and pressed soul has been down voting all my posts, how sad. dead2

    3. Lukas
  24. This should have been a much bigger hit...