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  1. I don't need no good advice, I'm already wasted
    I don't need some other life, cold and complicated
    I don't need no Sunday trips, tea and sympathising
    I don't need no special fix to anaesthetise me




  2. We really did not deserve this, Gwen coming to end all our faves once again.


  3. Oh god she's back. 


  4. Still sounds fresh 20 years later. One of their best songs. Can they hurry up and just release the follow up album to One Touch. yas2


  5. One of the best debut singles. So groundbreaking and innovative. true1


  6. This song. Urgggh. It just doesn't age. They truly did that. demi1



    Sorry for spamming the feed, but yess. yas2

  8. Mr. Saxobeat is still such a bop, i feel sorry for any country where it wasn't a top #5 hit. 


  9. Kings and Queens and Presidents
    Ministers of Governments
    Welcome to the future of your world
    Through talking heads that took liberties
    The monkeys learnt to build machines
    They think they'll get to heaven through the universe


  10. Me hearing Lizzo's new album for the first time...


  11. #JusticeForCharmbracelet 

  12. 2019.... The year where pop music is being saved! 

  13. FUCK, this is incredible.  



    Just wish the audience were more respectful though. 

  14. If Saweetie wins best new artist I will be yelling. lmfao1

  15. I'm lowkey here for M.I.A to make a big comeback. She deserved better. 

  16. If I ever misrepresented my self-image
    Then I'm sorry
    I was oh so acquiescent
    But I learn my lesson
    Boy you sorry
    Bump, bump, bump
    All out in the open
    Dont make me go call maury provich

    Mariah Carey GIF by Twitter

  17. Legends like Madonna and Mariah Carey saving the music industry once again... cry9

  18. I'm sorry but i had to make this my avi. OMG moo11



  19. One of the most underrated bops of all time.