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  1. #JusticeForBillieFrank



  2. I'm actually fuming. It's ridiculous that someone who has been proven to be a liar time and time again cannot be called for what they are (a liar) in the commons. I'm glad people are actually standing up for their words and not withdrawing.


  3. Idk why but Barney on a Scooter is everything. brit13

  4. Oh baby if you find
    I'm not the loving kind
    I'll buy you flowers
    I'll pour you wine
    Do anything to change your mind
    I know you may be disinclined
    To find the love we've left behind
    So kiss me then make up your mind
    I'm not the loving kind

  5. Well that's me staying at home for the next 18 months. tay2


    I guess it's true what they said, the only things that can survive a nuclear war or global health pandemic are Cockroaches and Cher. 



  6. We don’t have too much time here
    And time, it travels far too fast
    We’re not too far, we’re too near
    Before they take it from our hands

  7. This still fucking sends me. dead2


  8. My local radio station seem to be playing the Big Energy Remix with Mariah every two hours. ari3

  9. Ava Max is soo skinny.

    Febreze Air Freshener Spray Blossom & Breeze 300ml — BritishGram.com

  10. "Skyrocket Downwards"... 


  11. Underrated cute bop


  12. @Raven hey sis, stay pressed. dead2

  13. Mariah done that!!! What a bop.



  14. Looks like this pesky virus could finally be gone from my country by Spring. cry1cry2

  15. As much as I love Dula Peep Potion has been massively overshadowed by Stay With Me. 

  16. Me at 21:00


    Me at 23:00


    Me at 01:30


    Don't ask me what this is, i honestly don't know. kylie7

  17. Mariah coming on to the airwaves the minute November 1st hits:


  18. Maybe she had a point... brit16


  19. I'm woken up to see the light
    I'll never give up on this fight
    Dare to dream and realize
    We are, we are bloody lucky
    Beauty lies in every scar
    With never doubting who you are
    Reaching up to touch the stars
    We are, we are bloody lucky
    Hit me like you do, don't wait
    Hit me like you do always
    Hit me like you do, don't wait
    We are, we are bloody lucky

  20. When you see a really hot guy in town and want to stare but don't want anyone else to see you're staring. arrrghhh fall2

  21. This was such a bop back then.