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  1. "Touch my Body"


    "Stop singing my part now baby"






  2. Nah you ain't seeing things,
    Or hallucinating,
    I brings that levity,
    Take me for a ride.

    Light in the sky let's fly high,
    Boy I got you caught up inside of my haze,
    And you're gonna be gone for days

    I'm like that ooo weee,
    You're fiendin to blaze up,
    And taste me,
    Got flavor like ice cream,
    'Cause I'm that chick you like.



    A BOP!!!

  3. Remember that time Shawn Mendes sampled Mariah Carey. moo9

    1. ParentalAdvisory
    2. Venom


      are we really gonna call Shawn a 'vocal legend' just because he has a body kesha5

  4. Who the fuck are Joe & 98 Degrees? moo4


    Also i forgot how much i hate this song, it's rancid. 


    I think every good artist has that song in their discography which you just hate.



  5. "If he makes you feel like a million dollar bill.

    Say oh oh oh.

    Say oh oh oh.

    Makes you go left, right, up, down.

    Got you spinning round and round

    Say oh oh oh. 


    Ahha Baby"




    1. Venom


      The downvote I-

    2. Billie Frank

      Billie Frank

      10 minutes ago, Venom said:

      The downvote I-

      The stressed and pressed soul has been down voting all my posts, how sad. dead2

    3. Lukas
  6. This should have been a much bigger hit...






  7. I don't even care if she was sick at the time and not vocally 100%. This performance will always just totally slay.


    The way she says "NO" to her backup singers at 1:44


    The way she saved the voice crack at 2:06 with that staccato run.


    The growls at 3:33 and the verse that follows with the iconic "Growwwwwwwwwnd"


    The iconic run at 4:37 which broke the human land speed record.


    The joyful grin at 5:10 as if to say "YES BITCH I DID THAT!"



    1. Billie Frank

      Billie Frank

      But Make It Happen is not really about that. Make it Happen is about preaching, and feeding your inner soul.  

    2. Madonna


      I don't have a soul. :( 

    3. Billie Frank

      Billie Frank

      I forgot about that.... rip4

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  8. That moment when your at your grandparents, BBC Radio2 is on and 7 rings comes on... bey6

  9. Raven the Xtinct spam account is back once again!



    1. fab


      screaming at her returning from the dead after six years just to downvote some random posts in @Agugaga threads lmfao1lmfao1lmfao1 

    2. Madonna
    3. Billie Frank

      Billie Frank

      I think the thing at the leg end is called a foot?  

  10. We need some 00s pop girls like Rihanna, Taylor, P!nk, Shakira, Britney, Xtina or Jessicaaaaaaah Simpson to save the halftime.


    JT should have slayed last year but instead it was just a cringe fest. Now he's been exposed as an old man trying to be current. 


    Maroon 5 were about as boring as all their trashy lead singles (except Makes Me Wonder which bops).


    Male Rappers should also be banned.

    1. Joanne


      Travis made it exciting though. Id have zero problem with it being like Ariana ft Nicli, Lil Wayne, Big Sean and Iggy

  11. Underrated bop! bey6








    1. Villanelle


      Fucking slay

    2. Billie Frank

      Billie Frank

      @Emperor Nick yes! I think either Time or Pretty Little Dum Dum are my favourites on that album. 

  12. Lets play some basketball! 











  13. I even touched my ear.








    I still couldn't produce a Whistle Note. cry5

    1. Disco Darling

      Disco Darling

      I tried that many times too but I only ended up getting  complaints from neighbors for being to loud. fall8


  14. I'm removing Gaga from my stan badges for now on the basis that she's not served anything i care for since Artpop (over 5 years ago). I tried to stick with ha, but i just can't anymore gaga8

    1. Hylia


      Join the rest of us in 2019 and remove all of your stan badges sia1 

    2. Billie Frank
    3. Phoebe
  15. My favourite song off the first album i ever bought. Still one of my favourite albums and songs to this day. bey2



    1. Chris


      this album may be her best written album ny3 

    2. Billie Frank

      Billie Frank

      U + Ur Hand is another bop. The album also marked the start of her comeback (In the Us) following the under performance of Try This.

    3. Chris


      Dear Mr. President cry0 

      Long Way to Happy cry0 

      Who Knew cry0 

      Conversations with My 13 Year Old Self cry0 


      Cuz I Can mess1 

      Fingers mess1 

      Stupid Girls mess1 

  16. Who agrees with me that Katy Perry probably has one of the best pop discography's of the digital era. Even on her albums there's rarely songs that sound like filler and her singles don't sound dated.

    Hopefully her next album/era will be a return to the top. bey7

  17. Gaga better fucking keep the Xtina version of DWUW on streaming.



  18. I've got Teenage Dream & PRISM on repeat right now and it's reminding me why i used to stan Katy. Such quality bops. I think i'm gonna be a stan again. katy8

  19. I think my mother has started stanning Taylor Swift. fall9

    1. Ghostface


      Excellent songs. She is already embracing Taylor's classics. oprah7 And they being stuck in your head is definitely what everyone's brain needs. jj2

    2. Billie Frank

      Billie Frank

      You Belong With Me is a classic, so i don't mind too much. I swear she's literally played Taylords whole discography today. oprah7 

    3. Ghostface


      Then she also definitely discovered her new favorite songs, so you should prepare yourself for Taylord's mini parties from now on here and there. jj2

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  20. It's 3am here, i should really be sleeping. But it's sooo windy right now i feel like the big bad wolf is outside waiting to blow my house down. Luckily that shouldn't happen as my walls are thicc.  



    Ohh well, i guess i'll put some festive music and have a Oh Santa moment on - it's pow!  


  21. You should all appreciate this bop. oprah13



    1. Urbi


      Underrated gem cry9 

    2. Billie Frank

      Billie Frank

      1 hour ago, Urbanov said:

      Underrated gem cry9 

      The "It's My Life" cover (originally by Talk Talk) she did with her band No Doubt also slays.


      The music video is soo iconic too. oprah5


      Gwen would have slayyed so hard if she hadn't taken that hiatus in 2007. Even in 2014 when she released the non-album single Baby Don't Lie it managed to make a minor impact on the charts, which isn't bad considering she had been quiet for quite a number of years. oprah4



  22. #JusticeForCharmbracelet 

  23. Mariah is serving BOPs this Era... alex1