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  1. Looks like this pesky virus could finally be gone from my country by Spring. cry1cry2

  2. As much as I love Dula Peep Potion has been massively overshadowed by Stay With Me. 

  3. Me at 21:00


    Me at 23:00


    Me at 01:30


    Don't ask me what this is, i honestly don't know. kylie7

  4. Mariah coming on to the airwaves the minute November 1st hits:


  5. Maybe she had a point... brit16


  6. I'm woken up to see the light
    I'll never give up on this fight
    Dare to dream and realize
    We are, we are bloody lucky
    Beauty lies in every scar
    With never doubting who you are
    Reaching up to touch the stars
    We are, we are bloody lucky
    Hit me like you do, don't wait
    Hit me like you do always
    Hit me like you do, don't wait
    We are, we are bloody lucky

  7. When you see a really hot guy in town and want to stare but don't want anyone else to see you're staring. arrrghhh fall2

  8. This was such a bop back then.


  9. Seeing that rapper that isn't named after a sweet being dropped by everyone and everything is so satisfying.