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  2. TEOM 2.0 is here.... Obsessed 2.0 is here..... I can't
  3. Britney is more known for singles than she is her albums. Toxic has aged better than Baby One More Time, but i'd put that down to the fact that Baby One More Time is more cheesy.
  4. Womanizer had quite a impact when it came out. But as time has went on it's impact has decreased quite significantly. Baby One More Time is easily her most iconic song. Although Toxic is better.
  5. Depends where you live really. I feel that here Poker Face and Telephone had a much bigger impact than Bad Romance.
  6. PokeHer Face overshadowed Just Dance. When PokeHer Face came out Just Dance went...
  7. I’ve never really wanted to go to Japan. Simply because I don’t like eating fish. And I know that’s very popular out there in Africa.
  8. France is my favourite city in Europe.
  9. --How old are you? 13 Same!
  10. Do you want us to reply with our answers here?
  11. 1996 was before her divorce and the whole saga with Sony. Also i'm fairly sure she's said it again in more recent years. I just linked it to back up the stage fright point. There's performances where she's so nervous you can literally see her hands shaking.
  12. Mariah has admitted before about singing songs in too high a key. She said it was because songs in a higher key have more commercial appeal (i'd agree). At this stage in her career though she should be less worried about being commercial as she's been there and done that. She should really record using an area of her voice she's more comfortable in and just enjoy touring and an album every few years. A song like Petals would be fantastic as a B-Side on the new album
  13. Regarding Ashes, I did say it's a while since a watched so i couldn't remember for sure. TMB had minor bits lipped as they overlapped and it would be impossible to breath. Normally the first time she says "Touch My Body" on the chorus it's lipped so she can take a breath. The reason i brought up the voice cracking/dodging notes was purely because you would criticise Mariah for it. While most of the singles on MIAMTEC were lipped live i think there's a few reasons for this. First of all it's no secret that certain areas of her voice are inconsistent due to nodules, secondly she
  14. Excluding Touch My Body, it was probably Petals back in 2000, although i'm sure there's others... I doubt it was 100% live to be fair, although it's been a while since i watched it so i can't remember tbf, also It's hard to tell as Celine is a much better lip-syncer. She's rarely sang the Power Of Love fully live though, and when she did she's dodged notes or her voice cracked. Mariah really needs some lessons from Celine on the art of Lipping. Also JLo singing The Star.... Sis No no no no no