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  1. I love when a old thread reappears. Bahhahaha, look at the votes
  2. I even touched my ear.








    I still couldn't produce a Whistle Note. cry5

    1. Kang Yuchan

      Kang Yuchan

      I tried that many times too but I only ended up getting  complaints from neighbors for being to loud. fall8


  3. I'm removing Gaga from my stan badges for now on the basis that she's not served anything i care for since Artpop (over 5 years ago). I tried to stick with ha, but i just can't anymore gaga8

    1. Hylia


      Join the rest of us in 2019 and remove all of your stan badges sia1 

    2. Billie Frank
    3. Phoebe
  4. It would be quite funny. Mariah consistently serves Stiffney teas.jpg, she always has, but that's why we love ha.
  5. One flopped and the other topped... Shame @M3L155AX got them the wrong way round.
  6. My favourite song off the first album i ever bought. Still one of my favourite albums and songs to this day. bey2



    1. Chris


      this album may be her best written album ny3 

    2. Billie Frank

      Billie Frank

      U + Ur Hand is another bop. The album also marked the start of her comeback (In the Us) following the under performance of Try This.

    3. Chris


      Dear Mr. President cry0 

      Long Way to Happy cry0 

      Who Knew cry0 

      Conversations with My 13 Year Old Self cry0 


      Cuz I Can mess1 

      Fingers mess1 

      Stupid Girls mess1 

  7. Who agrees with me that Katy Perry probably has one of the best pop discography's of the digital era. Even on her albums there's rarely songs that sound like filler and her singles don't sound dated.

    Hopefully her next album/era will be a return to the top. bey7

  8. Gaga better fucking keep the Xtina version of DWUW on streaming.



  9. Mariah in a porno would be like me in a porno.
  10. Iconic 2:35 in this. The lyrics at 2:53 "you don't know what you're doing, what you're doing to me". Clearly JNO has no clue what she's doing to that audiences ears. Every note was off key fucking tragic
  11. , even Ellen said to her that she was sharp.
  12. Even with blatant pitch correction she was off-key. Just nasty.
  13. I still gag at her trying to sing If You Had My Love live. Thank gawd after that first attempt she went with lip syncing the whole song instead.
  14. Ain't No Other Man & Candyman were fucking bawps, but yeah , GP doesn't curr.
  15. Yes because two irrelevants just blow like that.
  16. In the US Jhoe as the lead performer had On The Floor, Dance Again & Booty for top #20s. X Just had Payola Something.
  17. I was more talking in the charts. Jno has easily had more remembered hits where she's the lead performer this decade than Xtuna.
  18. J.Who's career had more longevity, but Xtuna's 1 or 2 hits have more longevity. Lot's of Jhoe's discography sounds dated and her album cuts are all filler, the bitch doesn't even sing half of her somewhat remembered songs. Xtuna would win simply on the basis that she actually put in the effort to record her own vocals.
  19. Sis, have you seen the way Xtuna walks. The bitch looks like she defecated in her Winnie the Pooh XXL panties.