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  1. Then Amanda Laura would flop at literally every game.
  2. Don't Hold Your Breath She's more known as a reality TV Star now rather than a pop artist. Alesha two left feet Dixon is the same.
  3. Theres only one right answer: Bop after bop of pop perfection
  4. Thought so. I think they were going to be anyway based on peoples reaction to that song. sjsjkjs
  5. Out of curiosity what happens if those people don't vote?
  6. You must be confusing Madonna's stage production with Maroon 5's stage production.
  7. The Black Eyed Peas had the best most influential and memorable half show of all time
  8. Old news, but it hasn't really been the Wendy show for like two years now.
  9. I think you'll find Fergie with The Black Eyed Peas did it before her.
  10. Maybe she'll find a new sound in her time off? Or maybe we'll get her Lotus.
  11. Voted! Took me more time than expected to vote as this was a really difficult round with some really good entries, in fact i'd argue that about half of the entries have the potential to be a winner. For this reason i decided not to send in my votes yesterday and instead sat with the songs for another day so i could come back, listen to them again and make my decision.
  12. He needs to switch labels asap, they're not putting investment in to any of their artists. Shawn Mendes, Demi Lovato & The Killers are probably the biggest names they have. It seems things took a nosedive when David Massey left.