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  1. If you can't count them on one hand then there's too many members. Pop groups really shouldn't be more than 5 members.
  2. I'm fed up of getting their shitting adverts where that woman shouts at you.
  3. Yeah those numbers don't make any sense at all. It seems with a few (but not all) they've combined WW album and singles sales for that era.

  5. Meh. 

    1. Kylie
    2. Lynk


      Damn, who stole your Christmas?

  6. Nice to see cultural representation with the inclusion of Xtina.
  7. You've got it the wrong way round honey, she doesn't need The Voice, The Voice needs her.
  8. Cher has been having a farewell tour since the 1970s though.
  9. Yes and no. It depends on the situation. This Hot.
  10. No, she never was was it girl, just someone who got lucky with a few P!nk-esque hits and clever wigs. She was already falling off anyway especially with the LSD project, and even more so after THAT movie.
  11. The wasps nest are wasting their time. Rihanna doesn't give a shit lmao.
  12. I think she just needs to learn how to control/tame her vibrato. But it's clear the "childhood" vocal ability is still there.
  13. The title is clickbait so don't come in here posting that clip from 2017 of her singing like Xtina. She still has that powerful voice, if she had proper training she could be really good.
  14. Soon to be queen of weight watchers, spinning chairs and mediocre TV talent shows.
  15. Yeah but it's different if you're doing a set, Nesquik was literally there for A song.
  16. Maybe Mariah can start delivering her cookies and Black Irish? Chef queen.