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  1. It's a damn cold night
    Trying to figure out this life

  2. I just realised this isn't Ellie Goulding: demi1

    1. Slayty Perry

      Slayty Perry

      They made her fat, it could only be Demi or Meghan Trainor

    2. Kim Woodburn

      Kim Woodburn

      It's called Demi1 so I'm going to hazard a guess that it's Themi TheThatOh demi1

    3. Chris Morlock

      Chris Morlock

      demi as in demi lovato dead1 

  3. My style is all my own sass1
    But you can't touch it, I'm in my zone imready1
    Enstein's in all of us demi1
    Yup, I feel like a fucking genius mess1

  4. Hello Lovies! Remember to stream my hit song. x


  5. Also how the fuck is Stay still on the charts? It truly is staying like a rash.
  6. Worry about your fave Ciara staying in the charts when she can't even stay in FOTP games without being beaten by reality TV stars like Gemma Collins.
  7. Fadlor Swift can't even chart at Christmas, she truly is over.
  8. Thank You Bestie. I'll stream All Too Well one time extra tonight.
  9. The artwork and the original/unlocked concept is a cool idea.
  10. You should ask the same for Adele but the answer will be the same. Why change what works? Even though both are getting a bit boring now.
  11. Comic sans is the font of Mario and PartyNoseFlop.
  12. My photo was the only one where you could tell the emotion without needing to be told.
  13. Shouldn't BTS make the announcement? This just furthers the impression that they have no control over their careers and are industry puppets.