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  1. Exactly, all more iconic than Jenny From The Bus Stop sung by Ashanti.
  2. She's been under a conservatorship for 15 years, in that time (and probably longer) she has been constantly mentally abused by her family and picked on by the media. I'm not saying what Britney has done is right at all but it's really not a surprise. The behaviour is a direct circumstance of the trauma. I see it more as her way of expressing the fact she now has freedom and control over what she does with her body.
  3. What the fuck, is this the same person that had been terrorising an island? They need to be put in a facility and kept there before they harm any more people.
  4. That kind of represents their popularity in the band too i'd say. I was never a fan of 1D nor paid that much attention when they were active but it was always Harry or Niall that people talked about. Liam and Louis were always the "other" members, although at least Louis is likeable, the same can't be said for Liam.
  5. It's a bit insensitive of Kelly and i'm sure she realises that now and will apologise, but we have to remember how different things were back then, not just from the media perspective but from society's perspective. There just wasn't the same focus or thought given by most people in regards to others mental health. I get why Britney has responded like that but i wish she wouldn't, she can't move on if she's going to obsess over petty comments made 15+ years ago i'm afraid.
  6. I don't like cities
    But I like New York
    Other places make me feel like a dork

    Los Angeles is for people who sleep
    Paris and London, baby you can keep

    Other cities always make me mad
    Other places always make me sad
    No other city ever made me glad
    Except New York
    I love New York
    I love New York
    I love New York

    If you don't like my attitude
    Then you can F off
    Just go to Texas
    Isn't that where they golf?

    1. Shego


      lyrical genius 

    2. Mario Spears

      Mario Spears

      Yall can tell she was INSANE for this 

    3. Billie Frank

      Billie Frank

      @Shego it's giving "and I know I can feel bad, when I get in a bad mood" vibes. 

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  7. No it was the comments here that triggered i i think.
  8. "Nothing to worry about"... I think we're more worried about it being released than we are it being delayed.
  9. I do think she has an issue with aging. And I'm not talking about her behaviour or how she acts on stage but rather the way she sees herself. She's clearly insecure about looking or being perceived as "old" hence all the face tuning and photoshop. It's odd because the "real" her looks great, but the "Madonna" on Instagram looks like a completely unrecognisable person.
  10. She should've been more informed before openly supporting him. But I doubt she would've had she known that. This. Its a classic Katy Perry blunder, she tries to do the right thing, is poorly informed and makes a stupid decision.
  11. BITCH SKSJSKS fall5


  12. Fab and Lynk giving each other favourable points... interesting.
  13. I mentioned to @Kristina that you deserve -12 points for that pick.
  14. You picking that song for South Korea saved @Mario Spears.
  15. South Korea deserves the pits. We love everyone but i'm really not sure what drugs @Lynk was on when they picked that song. Like, it's soooo bad.
  16. I was kinda worried there for a second. Phew.
  17. I've not even noticed it before, it was just in that song it really caught me off guard as it's such a hard pronunciation on a song that's quite chill/smooth.