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  1. I forgot Adele released an album gag1 I haven't listened to it yet fall8 

  2. Hey Mr. postman
    Where's the mail
    For my mailbox?
    I wanna sex on the beach
    And I don't mean on the rocks

    It's your serve, baby
    But the ball's in my court
    I got a landing strip clear
    For you at the airport

    Come on baby
    I'll make it easy
    Come on honey
    I'll make it so easy for you

    Anything that you want boy
    You know I've got it
    Anytime that you need it
    You know I'm on it
    And whenever you're gone boy
    I just can stand it
    You just make me lose my mind


  3. There’s only 2 kind of people in the world

  4. Now we share the closet, now you've let me come inside
    And now you're finally undressing, and I feel like I might die
    The damage is infectious, the confession is too late
    And how can I accept this? How is this happening to me?


  5. She turned into Mariah at the end of this video. A Lamb confirmed. true1

  6. The mixing of Somos Nada still proves Xtina's worst trait as a vocalist. She doesn't have true natural resonance, so she compensates it with volume. The more intense a part of a song becomes, the more volume she adds to her voice. That's why she is not even close to being a great vocalist. No, it's not because she doesn't have resonance or that she sings loudly when it's not even necessary, but because she lacks the awareness of how deaf she can make people when she sings loudly. People applaud her because people who listen to her are not all knowing about the technicality of singing, but those who know will never deny this very fact.

  7. Hey Gaga, let's try the "no fillers and no fucking up your face challenge!"

    Gaga: Oj1hUxy.png

  8. Not @max changing his username back at the earliest opportunity after we started calling him asshole... ayumi1

  9. Just started Christmas decorating my apartment ari5 

  10. giveup3 Iconic masterpiece. 


  11. I wish artists would start putting live TV performances on streaming. 

  12. Kinda wanna get back to the graphics team and design new emotes and banners, also update certain stan badges but I don't know if the team will accept me back. gaga1 

  13. Kinda wanna get back to the graphics team and design new emotes and banners, also update certain stan badges but I don't know if the team will accept me back. gaga1 

  14. Your kisses taste of Cyanide, and that's no good for me
    An open heart is suicide, in my philosophy
    I need a walking talking mannequin, that simply folds away
    And never questions anything, i've got to say

    N-n-n-n-n-n no more explanations
    You're never gonna know
    You could k-k-k-k kill my reputation
    I don't do heavy loads
    N-n-n-n-n-n no more conversations
    You c-c-c-c-c can't carve up the world
    It's a d-d-d-d-d dangerous occupation
    Talking to a girl

    So strange to think Britney recorded a version of this. 

  15. Wait did I just upvote a Partynose post? shock1 

  16. Wait did I just upvote a Partynose post? shock1 

  17. … just ran into a bunch of Scousers on a night out ari7 

    i love their accent ari8 

  18. is it normal for spotify to play an ad mid-song? jj4 

  19. @Billie Frank Legendsica is back. I smell...success!

    For real though, the singing is pretty stellar compared to how she sounded before. The song is a cover; it's fine.

  20. Long story short: I had a bad experience on the Greggs app on Monday when I did the Click & Collect thing. I emailed them to explain what happened and I'm pretty sure they've just added £10 onto my account today, cause that money has NOT come from my bank account ari8 

  21. She predicted this:

    "Boy, you got me all mixed up like Serato
    You got me spinnin' 'round for ya like a little model
    Steady fiendin' for ya like them fries at McDonald's
    I wanna be all on your lips like Gelato" rip2


  22. Lady Gaga is fucking nasty putting one of the best Drum And Bass instrumentals ever in to a song but only for the last 20 seconds. WHYYYYY ny11