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  1. I wasn't too sure about picking Angels With Dirty Faces but i thought lyrically it works with the theme.
  2. The only Tom Jones song i can say i know off the top of my head is "Sex Bomb".
  3. I love how Amanda Laura lives off the grid in the woods and only ever comes out to play these games.
  4. I'm still suffering PTSD from it, my coping mechanism is to drag your basic ass Disco choices.
  5. What in the Grandparents Facebook is this meme.
  6. Calvin Harris feat. Dua Lipa & Young Thug | Lady Gaga | Hold My Hand
  7. Taylor being uncharitable... Hardly surprising for the Capitalist Of Pop.
  8. Every time i see this i want to punch a hole through my living room wall.
  9. Same thing, it's actors being filmed and then shown to the public.
  10. Billie Frank coming for the Golden Trinity!
  11. I'm milking it like Shawn milks his breakup.
  12. Looking forward to @Mr. Mendes's show stopping, amazingly creative and unique trinity being revealed.