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  1. I Brings That Levity


    The songs have been very "marmite" for me, one minute i like them and the next i hate them. But currently i'd say Medellin is my favourite, followed by Crave. I Rise and Future sound like RH rejects with the former being forgettable and the latter just being awful.
  2. I Brings That Levity

    This thread has actually became iconic, what the fuck.
  3. We stan Kylegends best single. 



    1. Aidan.

      Oh, heres the tea kylie6

  4. I Brings That Levity

    A new smartphone i think.
  5. I Brings That Levity

    Music Video

    Oh so she's doing music again. Very interesting.
  6. I Brings That Levity

    Fantasy Underneath the Stars Melt Away Slipping Away (ABMB B-side) Long Ago Always By My Baby Looking In One Sweet Day Open Arms Daydream Interlude Forever When I Saw You I Am Free Honey/My All/The Roof > Everything
  7. I Brings That Levity


    When will someone tell them they wasted 40 seconds?
  8. I Brings That Levity


    You must be deaf or only watched the first 15 seconds (which were good). Besides the fact she sang the whole thing off key towards the end of LAP she sounded really tired and breathless. I seriously can't get past how underwhelming the performance was. I want Rebel Heart Madonna back.
  9. I Brings That Levity

    Was that really it? I can't. This era... Why did she pick such a trashy forgettable song. Medellin would have been better. I'm honestly so underwhelmed. LAP was okay-ish though.
  10. I Brings That Levity


    I identify as Scottish not British, so suck my big toe.
  11. I Brings That Levity

    The reason Cher doesn't age is because that song aged for her.
  12. I Brings That Levity

    The GP likes Auto-tuned cha cha sleepy retirement home music? #46 hit, when will your faves?
  13. I Brings That Levity

    Kween Stefani outsold with her #1 album TIWTTFL.
  14. I Brings That Levity

    I'm hoping Rihanna does release new music, but being realistic she probably won't until 2031 or something. I can't see Gaga outdoing Katy tbh. They'll both probably flop anyway. "Smart team" releasing Swift Swift Fish as a single.