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  1. I Brings That Levity

    It pains me to say it, but you just have to watch her on TV performances, you can really see how nervous she's been since NYE. When touring it's not as bad thankfully. I think she's so worried about things going wrong that she doesn't want to take any risks.
  2. I Brings That Levity

    Honestly, all of Eminem's songs since around 2010 sort of all sound the same, certainly the singles anyway, i don't really care for the rest of his albums. I've not listened to the ASIB soundtrack in full yet (Not really my sort of music). But Shallow easily beats Venom.
  3. I Brings That Levity

    How's the shooting of that Deserve video that no ones heard of going?
  4. I Brings That Levity

    10..... It's simply just bliss.
  5. I Brings That Levity

    I'm dead
  6. I Brings That Levity

    Celeb News

    We want her to be happy.
  7. I Brings That Levity

    These triggered Madge stans need to return to the retirement home.
  8. From what i can gather she's lost her voice?...
  9. I Brings That Levity

  10. I Brings That Levity

    That's cute... Actually this remix makes BIM a bop and not irritating.... Living For Love & Ghosttown are still better
  11. I Brings That Levity

    I couldn't really care who was in the video, I'm talking about the song not the video. BIM is just cheap, as for success i can't really comment, but Living For Love was a top 30 hit here, BIM didn't chart. Living For Love & Ghosttown are bops, Bitch I'm Madge is just irritating.
  12. I Brings That Levity

  13. I Brings That Levity

    Even if it is a totally different song, you can tell it was "inspired" by Side to Side. I'm surprised Pick N'Mix are still going to be honest.
  14. I Brings That Levity

    The track is awful, but i don't really care. Legends like Madge can do what they please as far as i'm concerned.