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  1. Truly disgusting. How can this be allowed to happen in this day and age. 



  2. Ohh wow, this new Dula Peep song actually kinda slays. 

  3. I Brings That Levity


    Having a listen through it now. It's not too bad but many of the songs sound like recycled music from 5 years ago, in general it's just too long with not much that stands out. Almost every song i can draw clear similarities to other songs from 2012-17. To summarise, i've always considered Celine more of a performer (and a bloody good one at that) rather than an artist and this album confirms to me that my thoughts remain accurate.
  4. I Brings That Levity

    I'm not too sure.... whenever I think of Michael Jackson that song comes to mind. I'm not doubting Billys Jeans legacy but to me Thriller has always been the more remembered/ iconic song. Always regardless GJWHF is bigger.
  5. I Brings That Levity

    Definitely Gays Just Wanna Have Fun. If you compared it to Thriller you may have been on to something, granted it didn't chart as high but it's definitely the more remembered song and arguably his signature one. To be honest i very rarely hear any of MJ's music on the radio, which is weird giving his impact and the amount of classics he has.
  6. I Brings That Levity

    I want to thank Lady Nostril for not releasing LG6.
  7. And? The point still stands that it's nowhere near AIWFCIY status.
  8. I Brings That Levity

    That alone speaks for itself.
  9. I Brings That Levity

    Kesha for sure. Probably Katy too. I think Ariana will see a decline from now on too, although will probably score a couple more hit. Kelly Clarkson is a legacy act at this point the GP love her but won't buy her new stuff, she seems more interested in TV now anyway. I doubt Pink will have another big hit, but shes still a well known name and a huge worldwide touring force so i can't see her being forgotten. Her last album produced a top #10 in the UK so that's not too bad.
  10. I Brings That Levity


    I don't get the hate. I love it.
  11. OMG! Finally a Shawn Mendes duet that works.



    1. ajp

      I enjoyed that tay3

    2. Régine Filange

      Nah no.

      I can't stand artists who will do anything to chart higher. And he's at his peak, what will happen in 10 years.


  12. It's really not though. It's a cute song and all that but to say it's anywhere even close to AIWFCIY is quite simply delusional. Outside Ariana's fan base and a few underage gays most people don't know Santa Tell Me.
  13. I Brings That Levity

    I fixed it for you hun.
  14. I Brings That Levity

    The logic here is so fucking flawed it's laughable.
  15. She ain't the Christmas Queen, but she can be the princess.