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  1. Nicki is kind of making a comeback on the charts. Ava Max flopping. oop. Wishing Well? I thought that was a song off Anastacia's debut album Not That Kind
  2. I'm a bit mixed on it, it's quite cringy and try hard.
  3. Billie Frank

    We Belong Together (Remix) A BOP!
  4. Billie Frank


    That gif... I -
  5. Billie Frank


    We need the Daydream and Charmbracelet tour footage too!
  6. Billie Frank


    Me pretending i understand what this says.
  7. Billie Frank


    Physical fits in with Gwen perfectly. Honestly these remixes are going to slay, i can tell already.
  8. Billie Frank

    I hope so. I've been really impressed by his Solo career and he has a great likeability to her personality. Not everyone has that.
  9. It still amazes me that she hasn't had a solo Billboard Top 5 hit in 18 years. Only 3 years after her debut...
  10. Madonna singing the yodel part and that's it.... I-
  11. According to a Twitter stan the remix samples a song by Gwen. Others have also hinted that side two of FN may feature Gwen and songs produced by Mark Ronson.
  12. I'm so confused by that image. At least Madame X knows it exists i guess.
  13. Billie Frank


    Apparently it was a firework factory. Although clearly going off the explosion it was more than just that. It's inevitable that there's going to be deaths sadly, but i hope the number is low.
  14. Because one of the faves keeps getting #1s but only with features.
  15. "#1s DoNt mAtTeR". Mariah is gonna have her 20th soon btw.
  16. Billie Frank


    Yes! I think she may hide the Demo and B-Sides until later.
  17. Iconic.


    1. LittleDudeNT5

      I love she just wears the same silk slip every video XD Quarantine chic

  18. Billie Frank

    CTTR for both! What a bop.
  19. Not the End Of The World sounds amazing! Single material.