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  1. I Brings That Levity

    Given how her last 3 sings kinda flopped i doubt it. Going on American Idol and stealing Ellen DeGeneres' wig pretty much ended ha career.
  2. OMG! I just about screamed!!! The official high quality version of Mariah preforming AIWFCIY at the Tokyo Dome in 1996 is now on her Youtube Channel! Why the hell has she been hiding this for so long, it's as if she was waiting for the 25th anniversary! It's so nice to finally see this in high quality, now we just need the whole show uploaded! #JusticeForTokyoDome
  3. I Brings That Levity

    She needs to learn how to count (her album sales accuratly) and speak before she can spell.
  4. I Brings That Levity

    Iconic.... Skinny... Talented... Legend... The vocals at the start
  5. I Brings That Levity

    Lady Gaga would be trying to jump out the window each night thinking she can fly. Rihanna would be the shameless alcoholic who acts like a 25 year old and everyone loves. Taylor Swift and Katy Perry (who at this point are widows) would knit all day and then help out in the kitchen making cookies, while secretly trying to poison Rihanna and Beyonce for being more iconic. Beyonce would be chatting up all the staff and telling them about how her dad used to get her, Kelly and the other one to dance in high heels. Madonna would be that really nasty old lady who doesn't wash and has 50 cats who everyone is scared of. Cher would tell everyone stories each night about what it was like to be one of King Henry the VIII's wives Lana Del Ray (Who's dead) would be the ghost in the elevator. Mariah would be skinny, iconic and 12 years old.
  6. I Brings That Levity

    Sis good luck.
  7. I Brings That Levity

    Attacking an artist because they choose to express themselves how they want to and not how you expect them to is somewhat hypocritical. If a singer wants to flash their arse on camera and rap/sing about how their pussy is still a very busy public transport system then let them do it. That's their choice, if it bothers you don't watch and/or don't pay attention. So long as they're not forcing others to do what they're doing i have no issue. We all should live in a free world where people are free to express and present themselves how they want, not how others want. I hate how (and i must say it specifically comes from Gays) people expect singers to speak out on random issues that have no connection to them. If the artist wants to speak out on an issue then that's fair enough let them, but there is nothing at all wrong with not speaking out - especially when it's an issue that has no relation to what they do. The brain dead would argue that Britneys Toxic video objectifies women, i disagree. What i see is a confident female expressing herself in the way she wants. If it bothers you then turn over the channel or stop watching! To answer the OP, probably not. It takes more than a good song to make it on the charts, i also think the fact she's a trans-woman puts her at a disadvantage as there's still loads of transphobic people around. She may stay relevant in the media and as a "indie artist" (whatever the fuck that even is these days), but i can't see her making it big. That said i would've said the same about Lizzo a year ago and look where she is now. And no i am not putting these woman down or saying their inferior, i'm just being realistic about how the general public tend to go. This, if she wants to express herself as a woman then let her do that. I really don't understand the logic of people who expect her to push "non-binary trends" or whatever.
  8. It makes sense, she came on to the scene around the time online music / streaming was really starting to pick up and she has really been the it girl of the last few years, additionally she is one of the few recent female pop singers to have had multiple successful eras that produced more than one hit song per era. I can't at Rihanna being second despite only releasing 1 album in over 7 years though.
  9. I Brings That Levity

    The outfit tho. Butterflyriah was ready to come out her closet. Tomato Mozzarella's time was running out!
  10. I Brings That Levity

    No The newer generation trash anyone born prior to 1990, so it's not just Madge. It's a shame really.
  11. I Brings That Levity

    Thank you. It's just because neither are people i had heard much or knew much about. I'd just heard of their name and that's about it. They have similar last names so that's probably why.
  12. I Brings That Levity

    Be that way then. I was only asking for a recommended song to get started.
  13. I Brings That Levity

    Not really, they're not people I keep tabs on. I've just heard their name. It's not shade as I don't really know them and/or have reason to shade. I just didn't realise it was two different people. Anyway, give me a song I should listen to as a introduction so I can be educated.
  14. I Brings That Levity

    I know it's bad, but i just realised Kim Petras and Trisha Paytas are not the same person. Honestly neither are people i've ever payed attention to, i just knew of them.
  15. I Brings That Levity

    The once biggest girl group in the world reformed with new music (and all five members in 2007) and this is the song they come up with... It's so corny, bland, generic and generally awful. I can't think of any come back single off the top of my head by a major UK group that was worse. It doesn't feel genuine and for a group of their calibre i'd expect far better. A comeback song by a girl group should be a super catchy fast paced bop, not a cheap cheesy ballad with no effort put in to it. The only remotely decent part is Mel C's verse - for all the 20 seconds that it lasts. The vocal arrangements towards the end are messy as fuck with far too much going on. Nothing fits. This is the sort of comeback song i'd expect to be debuted on Loose Women (sksjsksj) by Nolan sisters or something. The only time this song is ever close to being decent is if you're high on drugs.
  16. I Brings That Levity


    Hopefully it does well. I'd love a full blown PCD comeback. It always felt when they last broke up like there was still unfinished business for them to do.
  17. I Brings That Levity


    Glad it's for a good cause. Although they could've toned down the auto-tune on some of those vocals.
  18. Since fucking when did this have 700M+ views! A true classic! 



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    2. I Brings That Levity

      @Habits yass. What's your favourite ND song? Mines is probably Simple Kind Of Life. I also love "Platinum Blonde Life" off the album Rock Steady. 

    3. Ruthless Love


    4. Habits

      Don't Speak, New, Hey Baby, Push & Shove, Bathwater, Hella Good, Sunday Morning are some of my favorite ND songs oprah4 

  19. I disagree, there's nothing wrong with being sexy. And their music isn't really aimed at Children anyway. Anyway as if Lily is a good role model either... Just think about all those young kids who've asked what "Oh I lie here in the wet patch, in the middle of the bed, I'm feeling pretty damn hard done by, I spent ages needing bread" means.
  20. I purposefully watched before reading the replies here. I really liked it tbh, clearly there was some sort of audio issue (there always is on these sorts of shows) but the girls still have it, the fact they're pushing 40 yet still dance better than most 20s pop girls. The new song sounds really good. I didn't think most of them besides Nicole (and Ashley?) can sing. Anyway they slayyed. Just because your local fave needed a John Lewis advert to be relevant after her 2nd album. PCD are back and here to slay.
  21. I Brings That Levity

    We should just stream this superior pop girl perfection instead.
  22. I Brings That Levity


    Oooh, i'm not mad at this. I feel like we really need a good pop album from Rihanna again.
  23. When you see a really hot guy in town and want to stare but don't want anyone else to see you're staring. arrrghhh fall2

  24. I Brings That Levity

    stan? not really besides Ariana. I like Lizzo and i'm keeping tabs on Dula Peeps next moves.