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  1. I don't even care if she was sick at the time and not vocally 100%. This performance will always just totally slay.


    The way she says "NO" to her backup singers at 1:44


    The way she saved the voice crack at 2:06 with that staccato run.


    The growls at 3:33 and the verse that follows with the iconic "Growwwwwwwwwnd"


    The iconic run at 4:37 which broke the human land speed record.


    The joyful grin at 5:10 as if to say "YES BITCH I DID THAT!"



    1. jrdn


      @Madonna bitch this ain't BGs brit12

    2. Madonna


      I didn't like her vocal delivery, sis. brit5 

    3. jrdn


      You never would tho. interesting1

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