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  1. Let's go
    Boys suck
    Make me sick
    Inflated egos
    Little d**ks
    Use them up
    Spit 'em out
    I H-A-T-E boys!

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    2. jrdn


      I do'z it naturally
      Hypnotize, like Biggie
      But you ain't havin' dreams
      Nah, you ain't seeing things
      Or hallucinating
      I brings that levity
      Light in the sky, let's fly high
      Boy, I got you caught up inside of my haze
      And you're gonna be gone for days
      I'm like that ooh wee
      You're feelin' to blaze up and taste me
      Got flavor like ice cream
      'Cause I'm that chick you like
      And you know you need this made
      And you know I got this made
      Gonna be your everything
      I'm that chick you like (Ooh)
      La-da-da, ooh wee
      I'm that chick you like (Uh-huh)
      La-da-da, ooh wee
      I'm that chick you like (Uh-huh)



    3. Shawn's Slave

      Shawn's Slave

      Change your name back to that, it's better than Willie Wank.

    4. jrdn


      I don't want to be dragged in BGs for it again. 

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