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  1. I got my hands all ready to touch your soul

    I'm gonna get the energy to wire me close to you

    Got my eyes on the prize I see

    Are you watching me, baby?

    Cause my heart is turning to solid gold

    And my head is saying, "honey, too good to be true"

    But one look in your glittered eyes

    Power's failing me every time

  2. Your faves could never, 55 and still serving solo top 10 hits. kylie6


    1. ajp


      Kween gaga13


    2. Princess Aurora

      Princess Aurora

      That's not bad, it better makes it straight to #1

  3. Let me take the lead

    You know what i need

    Put my mind at ease

    and tell me what about us....


  4. OMG, have you seen the new R9 leak?




  5. Flowers is such a grower, it was a bit neutral on it at first. But it's such a groove. 

    The Bruno Mars lyric sample is also genius. 

  6. I do like fish but i don't like sushi. 

  7. Xtina knew exactly what she was doing with Your Body clap1

    but it just makes the rest of the album sound terrible dead2 

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    2. Madonna


      @max du stehnst ernsthaft Let There Be Love? Chile please... dead2 

    3. Max


      @Madonna Es ist so ein cuter trash banger. giveup3 Du müsstest mich den mal in der Dusche performen sehen giveup3

    4. jrdn


      Nein danke. hottie1

  8. HOLD ON...

    Rolling Stone put Bob Dylan at #15 on that list???


    I'm sorry but you have to laugh...

    1. Lynk


      Apparently it's not based on vocals or technical ability but even then, I still don't think be that high.

    2. jrdn


      I'm sorry but there's no excuse for having Bob Dylan on a list of 200 best singers regardless of the method used for the ranking, nevermind at #15. 

  9. Why is Sam Smith in their Pat Butcher era. 


  10. I got bottom three oprah11


  11. Keep it moving, bounce... hey!

  12. Strippers and the vicars in the back

    First man cracked

    Jump on the main line track and

    I take a little bit of pay, okay

    And the beat of the big trombone


  13. I dont start shit but I can tell you how it ends. aretha1

  14. *grabs popcorn*


    1. Entea


      I'm so done with this government rip4


  15. I dont like cities

    But I love New York

    Other places

    Make me feel like a dork

  16. Having a long distance relationship sucks sometimes. cry9

  17. Can we get a Jane McDonald stan badge? The Queen Of Cruise Ship singing deserves her flowers.

  18. No longer single. demi1

    1. Kylie


      Are you an album? oprah15 


      Congrats legend you deserve love katyanna1 


    2. jrdn


      Thank you @Kylie legend, it kinda happened out of nowhere, but maybe that's a good thing. ari3

  19. Honestly, Nick Cannon is disgusting. Why would you make so many children but can't even maintain one exclusive relationship with someone? When is Katy Perry releasing a new single?

  20. Holy Fvck maybe aoty. 

    1. Chris
    2. Kylie


      Me when I speak the truth

  21. Red One


    Girls bring the fun of life

    Sugar like apple pie

    Let's have a party, y'all


    1. Kylie


      Red oooooone



      Oooooh yeah