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  1. Songs like Dog Days Are Over are very much "pop music" of their time, at least in the UK. Florence isn't one but the mid-late 00s was kind of a weird time where you had lots of manufactured unoriginal artists in the UK trying to pass indie/alternative when they weren't. It wasn't much of a secret either.. Girls Aloud called it out in their song "Hoxton Heroes"
  2. I never knew he had one of those weird faux London accents.
  3. Even though she's not releasing at the moment Dua is by far the main pop girl currently. Everything she touches turns to gold. I like Doja but i'd hate to be one of her stans, in fact i'd find it frustrating. Billie's new released have been cute but nothing that has wowed me that much. Olivia is popular.
  4. I'll get it done in the next hour or so before that Geordie Stench comes after me again.
  5. The girl's got style, legs for miles Seen 'em walk all over you You get your kicks like flies to shit Buzzing round the model zoo Florence is fairly mainstream, at least her early stuff is. The Stock Aitken Waterman era had a lot of solo stars that were huge but faded very quickly and are mostly forgotten now, it probably didn't help that their songs were very formulaic, generic and sounded much the same. Kylie was one of the very few lucky ones but it probably helped that she was already a known name.
  6. There were some sold out dates, but many were only around 90% sold. There's one (of many) examples:
  7. The tour didn't sell out though and she was playing tiny venues.
  8. And? Who cares what the boomer 90s critics who hate anything that's pop-oriented say? That has fuck all do to with my own personally opinions, which unlike some people i presented as opinions not facts. I will not be told what i can and cannot talk about. Some people love Beyonce's music and that's great for them, i was using her as an example of somewhere where their discography doesn't do much for me personally but i can still recognise their talent and achievements. I don't get how that is so difficult for you to comprehend, then again you have proven time and time again to be a bit of a da
  9. Good for them. You don't have to like someone's music to appreciate their achievements or talent. I don't particularly care for Celine Dion's music or career but you cannot deny the impact she's had towards future generations, not to mention the fact that out of "The Vocal Trinity" she's arguably the best live performer. The same can be said for Beyoncé, her discography isn't that impressive to me but it doesn't take away from the fact that she's been hugely successful and is without doubt the best living live performer.
  10. Yawn... you do know its perfectly normal for this sort of thing to take multiple takes... the video in the OP exposes nothing that we didn't already know.
  11. This is kinda a dumb comparison. They're two completely different artists with next to nothing in common. Although he's still had lots of big hits Justins "cultural influence" has sort of been dwindling since the Purpose era, probably because his fanbase is more grown up now and his more recent music (aside from Yummy) has been a bit more reflective of that. Even though Harry does have young fans i don't really see him as being a "Teen idol" as his music has much more cross generational appeal. The Weeknd is in a bit of a flop era just now and seems artistically lost, his p
  12. And The Honest Vocal Coach was the most searched person on FOTP from September 2020 to May 2022.
  13. I've been on the Service 95 once, it takes you from Edinburgh to Carlisle.
  14. No like can she "sing sing"? Not Madonna level "singing"...