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  1. She knows how to imitate pain pretty well as that's all i hear when she sings.
  2. Madonna would post something dumb on Instagram and cause a diplomatic incident though.
  3. Australians in amazement would say "Norway is that right". sorry....
  4. So that's why she's known as Jen From The Bus Stop? She was waiting to catch the number 6 bus?
  5. Jen From The Bus Stop using Brandy's vocals is the biggest kii to me.
  6. I would've said Mariah too, but i knew most of the other players wouldn't sooo.
  7. The best way to get rid of a scary intruder is to scare it away yourself.
  8. Do you know why Rockwell was getting fucked by Norman? I've still not been able to work it out.
  9. I don't hate white men, but a white man will get me locked up in prison for first degree murder. Love is a dangerous thing for a woman to have, and i don't that it, that's why i'm not a dangerous woman. Chemical trails over the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.
  10. Yeah but this is FOTP, it was obvious (to me) people would go for Taylor or Beyonce.